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Black Light

Cassette Production - Julian Knott
Technical Co-ordinator - Paul Allen
Dominic Glynn: Black Light
Cassette, July 1988
Domintemporal Services RDMP2

Annotated Track Listing
All three of these scores were recorded in stereo, though the programme was still being mixed and broadcast in mono audio at this time.


Black Light presented around half of the music used in The Mysterious Planet, with many cues appearing out of sequence. The following listing explains the source for each track, though as the Production as Broadcast paperwork is not available the original cue titles cannot be ascertained, and therefore the cue numbering is our own.

The Trial Theme
The opening music from Part One, slightly cut-down. A longer version was later included on the DVD Photo Gallery and The 50th Anniversary Collection suite.

Be Careful / The Tribe Of The Free / Marb Station
Part One cue 8, starting from 0:14:51 and scoring scenes set in the underground station, Katryca's tribe and the futuristic Marb Station. Excerpts from this cue appeared on both the DVD Photo Gallery and the extended version of The 50th Anniversary Collection suite.

The Valeyard's Threat
Part Two cues 1 (0:10) & 2 (0:34), reprising the Part One cliff-hanger.

The L.1 Theme
Part Two cue 15 from 0:42:38: the Doctor escapes from Drathro and the L1 machine. In the finished programme this cue continued into:

The Hunting Party
Part Two cue 15 (continued): Glitz, Dibber and Peri overpower their guards and escape. This later featured on the DVD Photo Gallery suite.

Katryca (Parts One and Two)
Katryca promises to provide Peri with some excellent husbands, from Part Two 0:28:02 (0:24), and later holds the Doctor prisoner as the L1 machine continues to pursue him, from Part Three 0:56:40 (1:12).

Courtroom Drama / Ravalox
A continuation of the first courtroom scene. This leads into the beginning of the story proper, as the Doctor and Peri arrive on Ravalox.

L.1 Attack
The L1 machine trundles through the corridors in pursuit of the Doctor, from Part Two 0:44:05.

This Could Be The End (Parts One and Two)
The Part Two cliff-hanger (01:38) and the continuation of the same scene in Part Three (0:26). Excerpts from this track appeared on both the DVD Photo Gallery and The 50th Anniversary Collection suite.

Long Live Queen Katryca / Doctor, You're Alive
Katryca and the tribe set off to plunder the Immortal's castle, leaving the Doctor unguarded and ready to be rescued by Peri. Part Three cue 12 from 1:04:36.

Peri's World
Peri and the Doctor discover that Ravalox is Earth in the far future, from Part One 0:12:47.

The Wrath Of Drathro
The tribe break into the castle and are faced by Drathro, in the second cue from Part Four. An excerpt later featured on the DVD Photo Gallery.

The Death Of Grell
The opening of Part Four, as Merdeen shoots and kills Grell. In the finished episode this music segued out of the cliff-hanger reprise. The cue later appeared in the extended version of The 50th Anniversary Collection suite.

The Food Chamber / Black Light Explosion
Two consequetive cues from the climax of the story (Part Four cues 10 & 11), starting from 1:28:39. The second cue is slightly edited.


The album presented just over half of the music from The Ultimate Foe (14 out of 25 minutes' material). The cue numbering below is our own, with reference to the completed episodes.

The Master's Revelation
Part Thirteen cue 6, from 9:40, as the Master explains that the High Council had manipulated the trial - and that the Valeyard was better known as the Doctor. This later appeared in the 50th Anniversary suite.

Into The Matrix / The Hand
Part Thirteen cue 7, as the Doctor and Glitz arrive in the Edwardian-themed Matrix. The two halves of this cue were presented separately on cassette, though played simultaneously on-screen. An excerpt from the second-half was later included in the Photo Gallery suite.


The Fantasy Factory / Popplewick
Part Thirteen cue 8, as the Valeyard's imaginary persona is revealed; and cue 13, as the Doctor signs away his remaining lives. The sting at the end of cue 8 was presented separately on Black Light, though played simultaneously with the end of the first Fantasy Factory melody in the finished episode. 'The Fantasy Factory' later appeared on the Photo Gallery suite, and 'Popplewick' was included in the 50th Anniversary suite, slightly edited.

The Very Odd Waiting Room (Parts 1 & 2)
The cliffhanger to Part Thirteen and the reprise from Part Fourteen. Both parts later appeared on the Photo Gallery suite, though the twinkly motif at the end was separated out of the mix and presented on its own. The same mix of 'Part 2' (without the overdub) featured in the 50th Anniversary suite.

The Valeyard's Vanishing Trick / Nerve Gas
Part Fourteen cues 5 and 7. Both later appeared in the Photo Gallery suite.

The Illusion
Part Fourteen cue 12, as the Doctor accepts the court's verdict and is taken away to face his execution... all within the confines of the Matrix. Excerpts later appeared in both the Photo Gallery and 50th Anniversary suites.

Glitz's Trick / The Grand Guignol
Part Fourteen cues 19 and 21, the latter featuring the unmasking of Mr Popplewick. 'Glitz's Trick' was edited here, with only the first half of the cue appearing; the complete cue later appeared in the Photo Gallery suite, with a different excerpt (the second half) in the 50th Anniversary suite.

The Ray Phase Shift:
(i) The Particle Disseminator
(ii) The Matrix Screen
(iii) The Master's Edict
(iv) The Evacuation
(v) The Ray Phase Shift
Part Fourteen cues 22, 23, 24, 26 and 27, beginning from 46:41. The final section later appeared in the 50th Anniversary suite.

Farewell, Doctor
The end of the story, as the Doctor departs and the Valeyard reveals his new disguise... This later appeared in the 50th Anniversary suite.


The following listing is more detailed, as we have been able to reference the Production as Broadcast paperwork (available from the BBC website) and the complete score, as presented on the DVD isolated soundtrack. The cue numbering is therefore accurate and taken from the PasB listings.

Iceworld Intro / The Restricted Zone
1m1 (0:25) & 1m2 (0:55). Both cues were later used in The 50th Anniversary Collection suite (Silva Screen, 2013/14).

The Mark Of The Sovereign / Iceworld Theme 1
1m4 (0:06), 1m5 (0:53), 1m7 (0:29)

Iceworld Theme 2 / Glitz's Theme / The Sovereign
1m8 (0:50, including 8 seconds of unused material at the start) & 1m9 (0:29). 1m9 was included in The 50th Anniversary Collection suite.

Cliffhanger / Zombies / Svartos Theme
1m11 (0:43) & 2m2 (01:15). The first cue was also used in the Part Two reprise. 2m2 was used in The 50th Anniversary Collection suite.

Belasz / Kane's Anger
2m6 (0:30) & 2m7 (0:32). 2m6 appeared on The 50th Anniversary Collection.

Zombie Hunters / The Ice Cabinet
2m9 (01:26) & 2m12 (0:27)

2m18 (0:36), the cliffhanger cue to Part Two; this was also used in the Part Three reprise.

Dragonhunt, 1, 2 and 3
3m6 (0:34), 3m7 (0:34), 3m8 (0:19)

Good Fortune, Nosferatu / Svartos From Space
3m10 (0:55) & 3m13 (0:41). 3m10 was later used in The 50th Anniversary Collection suite.

Kane's Deal
3m14 (01:05), later included in The 50th Anniversary Collection suite.

Dragonfire / The Spacecraft
3m16 (0:53)

Kane's Demise
3m17 (0:46)

Goodbye Mel / Iceworld Finale
3m18 (0:13) & 3m20 (0:28). 3m20 appeared in The 50th Anniversary Collection suite.

Compiled for the reference department of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society, and available exclusively to members via mail-order. The society had also released a collection of stock music from the black and white era in 1987, alongside a compilation of Mark Ayres' incidental music from the Myth Makers interview series. The Trial Theme was rerecorded and extended in 1990 for a flexidisc (pictured, right) distributed with Doctor Who Magazine, as promotion for the proposed Silva Screen CD, 'Black Light - The Remixes'. No further tracks were recorded.

Glynn's music from The Trial of a Timelord was retitled and bootlegged on CD for sale at Doctor Who conventions sometime around 1999 - 2000, with his Doctor Who theme (opening and closing titles) offered as additional tracks. The music from Dragonfire, also retitled, was bootlegged on a CD with Keff McCulloch's Time and the Rani score.

The Corridor of Eternity

Paddy Kingsland: The Corridor of Eternity
Cassette, October 1990
Julian Knott JPD1

1m1, 1m2, 1m3, 1m5, 1m7, 2m4, 2m5, 2m11, 3m7, 4m1, 4m5, 4m8

1m1, 1m2, 1m3, 1m6, 1m8, 1m9, 1m11, 1m12, 1m13, 1m15, 2m3, 2m6, 2m7, 2m8, 2m11, 2m14, 3m7, 3m8, 3m11, 3m16, 4m11, 4m12, 4m13, 4m20

The track listing is as used in the original programmes. Eg: 2m6 is the sixth music cue in episode two.

--> Credits / Exploded sleeve / Original sleevenote by Paddy Kingsland

Highlights from the original incidental scores for these Peter Davison stories were presented as continuous suites on another Julian Knott-produced soundtrack cassette. The tracks were compiled in sequence, and included some lengthly silences (over 15 seconds in places) that formed part of the original production cues, allowing for dialogue and action. This mail-order cassette appears to have had even fewer sales than Space Adventures and Black Light: the code, JPD1 (as opposed to RDMP1 and 2 for the former tapes) suggests that this was more of a private release, possibly without the backing/distribution of Domintemporal Services or the DWAS at-large; the only other JPD release, the 1998 Space Adventures CD (JPD2 CD) was certainly a private one.

Although Silva Screen announced plans to reissue both Space Adventures and Black Light on CD, and an album with music from Logopolis and Castrovalva was mooted, then abandoned, in the early 1990s, no attempt appears to have been made to reissue the Mawdryn Undead suite, and this rare cassette remains its only release (except for a late 90s bootleg CD, discovered at an American convention, which cheerfully duplicated the entirety of 'Corridor of Eternity'). Both scores were eventually released as music-only tracks on DVD.

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