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Doctor Who - The 50th Anniversary Collection

As with the first disc, a lot of the material was taken from previous releases - the scarcity of material from this era meaning that Volume 1: The Early Years had already released the majority of surviving tracks. Approx 9:08 was previously unreleased, of which around 34 seconds was first heard on the four-disc set.

Highlights include:
  • Previously unreleased incidental music by Dudley Simpson from The Macra Terror (0:31), The Ice Warriors (0:52), The Seeds of Death and The War Games (0:14), and by Don Harper from The Invasion (approx 2:28)
  • Previously unreleased sound effects and radiophonic music from The Abominable Snowmen (0:22) and The Dominators (approx 3:05)
  • Sound effects extended from previous releases: 'Dominators' Saucer Power On' and 'Saucer Interior' (The Dominators), 'Moon Homing Beam Call Signal & Reply' (The Seeds of Death) and 'Time Lord Court' (The War Games)
  • Full-length version of the title music, newly edited
  • Remastered stock music tracks ('Univers Sideral' and 'Space Time Music' Parts 1 and 2)
Further listening:

Disc Two: The Second Doctor – Patrick Troughton (1966 - 1969)

Total running time 77:44

28:26 appeared on the 4CD collection, across 20 tracks (38% of the 11CD material).

5:29 appeared on the 2CD collection, across four tracks (20% of the 4CD tracks, 7% of the 11CD material).

The slip sleeve from the TARDIS Edition

The cardboard sleeve from the Eleven Disc Edition

1, 2 4, 6, 8, 13, 17, 18, 20-46, 52-58, 61, 63-71 * Special Sound by Brian Hodgson (BBC Radiophonic Workshop)

All tracks are Mono recordings.
Regeneration Runs Down (0:10)*
The Doctor's Transitional Trauma (0:52)*
Both tracks had first appeared on Volume 1: The Early Years, tracks 25-26. Ayres commented that the basis of 'Regeneration Runs Down' was an unused background from The Daleks, and pointed out that Dick Mills would later reuse it as 'Dalek Drill' in Destiny of the Daleks (1979).

THE UNDERWATER MENACE (1967) - Music by Dudley Simpson
The Fish People (0:37)
First heard on Volume 1: The Early Years, track 27. This track represented the earliest surviving Doctor Who music by Dudley Simpson, and marked the first time that Simpson collaborated with Brian Hodgson of the Radiophonic Workshop, using the Workshop's new monophonic synthesiser at Maida Vale to produce unearthly, reverberating notes.

Mark Ayres explained to Radio Free Skaro in April 2014 how few of Simpson's scores had been found; some pieces had been found, mislabelled, in the Radiophonic Workshop library, whilst others came from more unusual sources. The 50th Anniversary Collection presented at least some material from every story for which Simpson's music had survived, apart from one cue which had yet to be identified!

Heartbeat Chase (1:57)*
Chromophone Band (1:56) - Music by Dudley Simpson, realised by Delia Derbyshire (BBC Radiophonic Workshop)
These tracks were first presented on Volume 1: The Early Years, tracks 28-29. Simpson and Hodgson recorded over eleven minutes of electronic music in total for this story, including 'Chase Heartbeat' (3:05, presented in a shorter edit here) and 'Radiophonic Band'; both titles were changed slightly for their 2000 CD release. The latter was actually realised by Delia Derbyshire, her first contribution to the series since her realisation of Ron Grainer's theme music.

Controller Chimes (0:10)*
Muzak (from “Time in Advance”) (3:19)
- Music by John Baker (BBC Radiophonic Workshop)
Propaganda Sleep Machine (1:08)*
These three tracks were all heard on Volume 1: The Early Years, tracks 30-32, with 'Propaganda Sleep Machine' appearing first on 30 Years, track 15, where it ran to 1:21. The John Baker music had been originally recorded for another programme (it has been traced back to Time in Advance, a 1965 Out of the Unknown episode, though Ayes believes it may have been from even earlier) and was used in The Macra Terror as stock music. It originally looped for over eight minutes, and was shortened for CD.

The Macra Terror (Incidental music excerpt) (0:31) - Music by Dudley Simpson
Previously unreleased.

Doctor Who (New Opening, 1967 - full version) (2:19) - Realised by Delia Derbyshire (BBC Radiophonic Workshop)
The 1967 version of the theme tune only ran to 0:52, fading out after the secondary melody, so Ayres here presented a faked extended version, using the 1970 closing titles to help patch the remainder of the theme (you can hear the transition from 0:45 onwards). The original 0:52 version had been released on Volume 1: The Early Years, track 33, and later on The Krotons, track 1; Ayres had prepared a longer version (with an additional repeated section) in 2002 for a bonus feature on the Tomb of the Cybermen DVD, but this recording appeared to be a refreshed attempt and was its first appearance on CD.

Univers Sideral (2:26) - Paul Bonneau (Chappell TCR Volume 2) / Performed by Westway Studio Orchestra / Performed by Paul Bonneau and his Orchestra
More music from the Chappell Library. On the four-disc set, the same track appeared under the name 'Sideral Universe'; on Space Adventures, side 2 track 2, it had been translated as 'Universal Sideral'. The recording here was quicker by around 1½ seconds, and much of the hiss and noise had been cleaned up. The presentation was mono, though a stereo version (or a convincing imitation of one) had been released on The Prisoner: The Complete Chappell Recorded Music Library Cues in 2010.

Space Time Music Part 1 (1:21) - Wilfred Josephs (Southern MQ653) / Performed by Westway Studio Orchestra
Released on the Southern music library label in 1963, 'Space Time Music' Parts 1 & 2 had been presented on Space Adventures, side 2 tracks 5-6, and Parts 1-4 on Music from The Tomb of the Cybermen, track 9. Both tracks ran at the same speed as their Space Adventures counterparts, suggesting that the same masters were used, though the sound quality was improved here.

Yeti Control Sphere Move, Call and Answer (0:22)*
Previously unreleased.

THE ICE WARRIORS (1967) - Music by Dudley Simpson
Dudley Simpson produced a score of around 30 minutes' duration for this story; director Derek Martinus had used Simpson on The Evil of the Daleks, and the composer reworked a theme he had composed for Victoria in that serial for sequences in the second and third episodes. A heavy emphasis was placed on percussion in the Ice Warrior sequences, with musicians Stan Barrett and Roy Webster joining Simpson for the recordings. Also contracted was soprano Joanne Brown, who recorded 50 seconds of Ice Music heard in the special opening title sequences and during the chase in the fourth instalment.

The Ice Warriors One: Titles (0:52)
The Ice Warriors Two-Six: Titles (0:43)
Previously unreleased on CD, though the Two-Six Titles had first been heard over the DVD Photo Gallery in 2013.

Space Time Music Part 2 (1:19) Wilfred Josephs (Southern MQ653) / Performed by Westway Studio Orchestra
Previously released on Space Adventures (see track 12, above).

Sting & Web (Cocooning Interior / Cobweb Pulsates) (2:04)*
4 Stings (0:18)*
Both tracks were first heard on Volume 1: The Early Years, tracks 34-35. The stings were composed by Brian Hodgson, providing the only original music in The Web of Fear - the rest of the incidental music was from stock. Seven stings were recorded, the other two being subtle variations.

FURY FROM THE DEEP (1968) - Music by Dudley Simpson
Fury from the Deep - Mr Oak and Mr Quill (0:40)
Realised by Brian Hodgson (BBC Radiophonic Workshop)
First heard on Volume 1: The Early Years, track 36. Ayres: "Two cues from Dudley Simpson's score, realised with the assistance of Brian Hodgson at the Radiophonic Workshop. Great use was made of an electronically-treated piano, with synthesised tones."

Lead-In to Cyber Planner (0:14)*
Cyber Planner Background (0:37)*
Cyberman Stab & Music (1:32)*
Rocket Stab (0:07)*
Birth of Cybermats (0:44)*
Cybermats Attracted to Wheel (0:39)*
Rocket in Space (1:49)*
Interior Rocket (Suspense Music) (1:55)*
Servo Robot Music (1:27)*
Wheel Stab (0:14)*
Cosmos Atmosphere (1:08)*
Alien Ship Music (1:00)*
Jarvis in a Dream State (0:47)*
2 Stabs (0:11)*
Special Sound by Brian Hodgson (BBC Radiophonic Workshop)
Much of Brian Hodgson's score for The Wheel in Space had been released on Volume 1: The Early Years, tracks 37-51, and all but one of those tracks ('Floating through Space', 1:14) reappeared here.

To save money on this serial, it was decided that the only specially-composed music would be electronic mood pieces, to be realised alongside sound effects by the Radiophonic Workshop. It was an approach that would become popular for stories in Season Six, with The Dominators, The Mind Robber (1968) and The Krotons (1968-9) all using the Workshop for both sound effects and music.

TARDIS (New Landing) (0:18)*
First released on Volume 1: The Early Years, track 52.

Dominators' Saucer Power On (0:40)*
An excerpt of 19 seconds can be heard on the DVD Photo Gallery; the full-length effect was previously unreleased.

Sting (0:05)*
Statues Move (a and b) (0:35)*
Both previously unreleased.

Galaxy Atmosphere (1:04)*
First released on Volume 1: The Early Years, track 53.

Dominators' Saucer Interior (2:04)*
Previously unreleased.

Tension Builder (a) (0:45)*
Tension Builder (c) (0:40)*
Tension Builder (d) (1:06)*
Low Sting (0:10)*
These tracks were first heard on Volume 1: The Early Years, tracks 54-57. There were many short stings composed for this story which were not released on CD, though some were included on the DVD release. Ayres pointed out that the apparently missing 'Tension Builder (b)' “was, quite simply, a reuse of the 'Servo Robot Music' from The Wheel in Space” (above).

TARDIS, Extra Power Unit Plugged In (1:53)*
Zoe’s Theme (1:19)*
White Void (1:17)*
First heard on Volume 1: The Early Years, tracks 58-60. Most of this story was scored using stock music, but some ambient background tracks were contributed by rhe Radiophonic Workshop.

THE INVASION (1968) - Music by Don Harper
Commissioned by director Douglas Camfield, Australian jazz musician Don Harper produced a master tape containing 31 cues, a total of around 20 minutes of music (though Doctor Who Magazine once eronerously reported that his score had only consisted of six basic tracks offering different moods). These pieces, performed by the Don Harper Ensemble, were used time and again in each episode, supplemented by music from other sources. It was Harper's only Doctor Who score; he later released his own jazzy arrangement of the theme music as a B-Side in November 1973.

The Dark Side of the Moon (0:31)
The Company (1:30)
Highlights from The Invasion’s score had been used on several DVD special features, appearing on The Invasion’s photo gallery, animation gallery and documentary in 2006, and Attack of the Cybermen’s Cyberman gallery in 2009. ‘The Company’ had been included in full, whilst ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ had faded out after 26 seconds. This was their first release on CD.

Muzak (from “Time in Advance”) (2:44)
- Music by John Baker (BBC Radiophonic Workshop)
This alternative version of Disc Two track 7, with greater emphasis on piano, was used throughout the serial as a piece of Radiophonic stock music. It had first been released on Volume 1: The Early Years, track 61, where Ayres commented that it was “of poor quality. I've done my best with it, and it is the only track on this CD to be presented in stereo, as I felt that a bit of stereo reverberation helped to diffuse the noise on the mono master.” This may be the case on the 50th Anniversary Collection, too; TBC.

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (1:22)
The opening 29 seconds of this cue were released on the DVD Photo Gallery; the rest appears here for the first time.

Mysteries (1:30)
Previously unreleased.

Cyberman Brought to Life (1:13)*
Cyber Invasion (2:12)*
First released on Volume 1: The Early Years, tracks 62-63. A shorter version of the second track had appeared on 30 Years, track 22, titled 'Start of the Cyber Invasion' (1:15), credited eronously to The Wheel in Space. The original master tape for the effect lasted for eight minutes.

The Learning Hall (2:40)*
Entry into the Machine (1:33)*
Sting (0:19)*
Machine and City Theme (1:49)*
Kroton Theme (2:13)*
This selection of tracks had appeared on Volume 1: The Early Years, tracks 64-68, and an edit of 'Kroton Theme with Birth and Death of a Kroton' (1:55) had first been heard on 30 Years, track 28. The complete score (of “special sounds”) was released on CD and 10" LP in 2013, running to 25 minutes.

THE SEEDS OF DEATH (1969) - Music by Dudley Simpson
Nine minutes' music was recorded for this serial, with Simpson conducting himself, percussionists Eric Allen and John Blanchard, and Brian Hodgson, with Hodgson later adding an electronic element to the score. A heavy emphasis was placed on percussion in the Ice Warrior sequences, as established in Simpson's score for The Ice Warriors (1967).

The Seeds of Death: Titles (0:35)
The 'Titles' music had been released on the DVD Photo Gallery, released as part of Revisitations 2 in 2011, with the final three seconds segueing into other music.

Moon Control (0:24)
Diffraction (Ice Warrior Gun Impact) (0:22)*
Previously unreleased.

Ice Warriors Music (0:25)
A longer interprettation of the Ice Warriors' music was included on the Revisited Photo Gallery, running to 1:50. This short version appears to be entirely different, and was previously unreleased, first being heard on the four-disc set.

Moon Homing Beam Call Signal & Reply (0:21)*
Previously unreleased, though the first 7 seconds appeared on the DVD Photo Gallery.

TARDIS Lands (0:26)*
This sound effect was first heard on Volume 1: The Early Years, track 69.

THE WAR GAMES (1969) - Music by Dudley Simpson
Alien Control Centre (0:27)*
Time Zone Atmosphere (0:40)*
Dimensional Control (SIDRAT Dimensions Contract) (0:50)*
War Lord Arrival (0:16)*
All the above were released on Volume 1: The Early Years, tracks 70-73, with all the tracks segueing into one another. A longer version of 'Time Zone' (1:23) was first heard on 30 Years, track 30. Ayres noted that 'Alien Control Centre' was transferred at half speed, and 'War Lord Arrival' at double speed, matching their appearances in the programme.

War Chief Music (0:14)*
Previously unreleased.

Silver Box (The Doctor calls for help) (1:02)*
First heard on Volume 1: The Early Years, track 74.

Time Lord Court (3:53)*
Extended from the versions on Volume 1: The Early Years, track 75 (1:18) and the four-disc 50th Anniversary set (1:32).

Composer Notes by Dick Mills
First presented by Blogtor Who, then printed in the two-disc and TARDIS sleevenotes