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Doctor Who - The 50th Anniversary Collection

Doctor Who - The 50th Anniversary Collection (Limited Edition)

Various Artists: Doctor Who - The 50th Anniversary Collection

TARDIS edition
11 disc set, wooden packaging. Limited edition (1,000 copies)
Pre-ordered 25 April to 9 May 2014, shipped from 21 November 2014
Silva Screen WHO50

Eleven disc edition
11 disc set, cardboard packaging. Limited edition (750 copies)
Pre-ordered 25 April to 16 May 2014, shipped from 26 September 2014
Silva Screen WHO50C

DISC ONE: The First Doctor – William Hartnell (1963 – 1966)
DISC TWO: The Second Doctor – Patrick Troughton (1966 - 1969)
DISC THREE: The Third Doctor – Jon Pertwee (1970 - 1974)
DISC FOUR: The Fourth Doctor – Tom Baker (1974 - 1981)
DISC FIVE: The Fifth Doctor – Peter Davison (1982 - 1984)
DISC SIX: The Sixth Doctor – Colin Baker (1984 - 1986)
DISC SEVEN: The Seventh Doctor – Sylvester McCoy (1987 - 1989)
DISC EIGHT: The Eighth Doctor – Paul McGann (1996)
DISC NINE: The Ninth Doctor – Christopher Eccleston (2005) & Bonus Tracks
DISC TEN: The Tenth Doctor – David Tennant (2005 - 2010)
DISC ELEVEN: The Eleventh Doctor – Matt Smith (2010 - 2013)

Album Production Credits
Discs 1-8 Researched, compiled and mastered by Mark Ayres
Discs 9-11 Compiled and mastered by Mark Ayres

This compilation (P) & (C) 2013 BBC Worldwide Limited under exclusive licence to Silva Screen Records Limited
A BBC Music/BBC Worldwide Production
Thanks to Dominic Walker, Suzi Scott, Matt Nicholls and Georgie Britton
Executive Producers for Silva Screen Records Ltd: Reynold D’Silva and David Stoner
Release Co-ordination: Pete Compton
Artwork and Design: Stuart Ford
Thanks to Andrew Stannard, John Wraight, Martin Lowes, Mark Banning and Ford A. Thaxton

Annotated Track Listing

Our detailed track listing looks at the previous release history of each track, and the scoring of the stories generally. Much of this has been referenced from Andrew Pixley's Archive features for Doctor Who Magazine; Mark Ayres' annotated track listings for Doctor Who at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (particularly his extended, internet-only notes); and the Programme-as-Broadcast PDFs available from the BBC's Classic Doctor Who website. Please note that this annotated track listing is accurate for all the material available on the four-disc and two-disc sets, though is still partly speculative for music exclusive to the eleven-disc set. We have been working through the tracks on the eleven-disc set and annotating these pages since late 2014 - follow @TME1998 for updates as we continue to examine their contents!

The individual sleeve designs for the eleven-disc set featured the Doctor's heads and an accompanying montage from their era, which had been used throughout the 50th anniversary year on numerous items of merchandise, from shot glasses to badges, picture cards to lunch boxes. Interestingly, many of the head designs were slightly different in the 50th Collection than their earlier appearances, with some of the photographs removed or replaced. In all, only five of the eleven heads were identical to their previous outings: Doctors 3, 5, 9, 10 and 11.

Contents Breakdown

Content by Doctor, in seconds
Content by Composer/Type, in seconds

Giving each Doctor a separate disc each meant that the contents of the eleven-disc collection (which ran to over fourteen hours in total) were divided very fairly between them all. The Eighth and Ninth Doctors suffered from a shortage of content; the complete score to the Television Movie and the near-complete contents of the Series 1 & 2 soundtrack gave them just 61 and 42 minutes' music respectively. The space on Disc Nine was filled with bonus content from the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, allowing the Tenth Doctor to score an impressive 94 minutes.

The split between composer types was also very fairly presented. The Radiophonic Workshop, the freelance composers of the Classic era and Murray Gold each accounted for roughly a third of the running time (32%, 34% and 27% respectively). These percentages were adhered to when the collection was cut-down for the four-disc collection, though the two-disc version saw a weight towards the freelancers.

compare to the four-disc set / two-disc set

Previously Unreleased Material

Previously Unreleased, any format
Previously Unreleased on CD
Previously Unreleased in this edit
e.g. music from The Sun Makers, never released anywhere previously
e.g. music from The Happiness Patrol, previously only released on DVD
e.g. music from The Caves of Androzani, presented here in a unique suite

There was an impressive hour and a half on the eleven-disc set that had not been released anywhere before; this rose to two hours if you included the material released early (on the four-disc and two-disc sets). Almost five hours' music was new to CD (one third of the collection); and over seven hours (half of the set) was presented in suites or tracks that had not been released in that edit before.

compare to the four-disc set / two-disc set

Music from Earlier Albums

There had been 39 albums of Doctor Who music and sound effects prior to the 50th Anniversary Collection (and that's not including re-releases, or content released on other compilations), so naturally a lot of the included material had been released before. A mean average of 35% was released from each one; the only album to contribute absolutely nothing to the 50th Collection was the 1993 album of re-recordings, Pyramids of Mars.

Series 3
Series 4
Series 4 - The Specials
Series 5
A Christmas Carol
Series 6
Series 7
The Snowmen/The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe

The longest durations of replicated material came from Volume 1: The Early Years (76 mins), Series 1 & 2 (63 mins), Doctor Who (John Debney) (49 mins) and the various releases of The Music I & II (including Earthshock, The Five Doctors, The Best of Volume 1 and The Worlds of Doctor Who). The music least replicated was, quite fairly, from individual story albums such as Ghost Light and A Christmas Carol.

Doctor Who at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop Volumes 1 & 2 had been re-issued on the Mute label in 2005, and there had been plans to release a special box set of Volumes 1-4 with a fifth disc of previously unreleased material. In an interview with Radio Free Skaro in April 2014, Mark Ayres explained that he had gotten as far as mastering this bonus disc before the reissue was shelved, and that it had been plundered for material when the eleven-disc set was created.