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Bad Wolf (tx: 11/06/05)

In Fiction: captured from within the TARDIS and separated from Rose and Jack, the Doctor finds himself trapped inside the Big Brother house - complete with pumping dance music taken straight from Channel 4's original series!

In Fact: this music, written for the first UK series of Big Brother back in the summer of 2000, was composed by Paul Oakenfold with Andy Gray under the pseudonym (used for the first and last time) of Element Four. The copyright is separate to that of the Big Brother concept, and permission to use it in Bad Wolf was aquired only at the eleventh hour - along with Divina McColl's narration - following director Joe Ahearne's second request to the rights holders.

Oakenfold made his name remixing tracks for artists such as U2, M People, Simply Red and the Stone Roses, and compiling Ministry of Sound albums, before graduating from house music towards a melodic, commercial style of trance, particularly through his residency at the UK's Cream. In 1999 the Guinness Book of Records listed him as the World's Most Successful DJ, and his theme for Big Brother - composed later that year - continues to sell well with each new series of the television phenomenon.

The Weakest Link and What Not to Wear segments also featured backing music; the latter appears to have either been taken from stock or specially composed by Murray Gold, whilst the former although completely and utterly true to the original programme, as seen around the world has never been commercially released, so we have nothing more to say about it!

Big Brother UK TV Theme - Element Four

Cuts: 120 is heard, 1 minute into the episode, accompanying the teaser into the episode; a further 134 is played after 13 minutes, as Big Brother evicts Crosbie; and a final 040 is played at 19 minutes as the Doctor is forcibly evicted from the house for damaging property!

Releases (select releases): the CD single (Channel Four Music C4M00072), released in August 2000, contained three mixes: Vocal Mix - Radio Edit (3:20), Grayed Out Deep House Mix (6:28), and 12" Mix (10:02); and a 12" single (C4M00076) featured the latter-two only. The first two mixes were also released on the double-CD album 'Big Brother' (C4M00062), pictured right.

Availability (select releases): the extended and radio versions are still available on the 'Big Brother' soundtrack CD.