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The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 1 (tx: 20/05/67)

In Fiction: in contemporary London, the Doctor and Jamie search for clues to the stolen TARDIS in the Tricolour nightclub, where they experience authentic sounds of the 60s.

In Fact: to place the opening episode of The Evil of the Daleks firmly in the present-day, recognisable modern music was integrated into the background of these two nightclub scenes. Believed by Doctor Who chronologists to be set on 20th July 1966, the fictional radio playlist for this day is surprisingly spot-on: Paperback Writer was number 2 that week.

Nobody Knows the Troubles I've Seen - The Seekers

Cuts: 0’53” is played in the first Tricolour scene (although 1’00” was cleared for use), 17 minutes into the episode.

Releases (prior to broadcast): Nobody Knows… was a traditional song arranged by The Seekers as the B-side to their 7” single ‘Someday, One Day’, released 18th March 1966 (Columbia DB7867). This Australian harmony band had a great year in 1965 with two Number Ones: "The Carnival is Over" (a million seller) and "I'll Never Find Another You". They remained high in the UK charts until 1967, when lead singer Judith Durham went solo and guitarist Keith Polger went on to form the equally successful New Seekers. This single reached Number 11 in the UK charts.

Availability (select releases): currently available on The Seekers compilation CDs ‘A’s, B’s & EP’s’ (EMI Gold 5968182) and the Australian-only ‘The Ultimate Collection’ (EMI 5944912).

Replacements: completely removed for the cassette release; see below.

Paperback Writer - The Beatles

Cuts: 1’44” (though only 1’05” was cleared) is heard in the second Tricolour scene, 19 minutes into the episode, as Hall passes-on Kennedy’s message to the Doctor and Jamie.

Releases (prior to broadcast): Paperback Writer was a UK 7” single on 10th June 1966 (Parlophone R 5452), making number one for two weeks from 23rd June; it also featured on the album ‘A Collection of Beatles Oldies (But Goldies!)’ released 10th December 1966 (Parlophone PMC 7016 (Mono) / PCS 7016 (Stereo)).

Availability (select releases): currently available on The Beatles: ‘1’ (CD, Apple UK 29325).

Replacements: all known film reels for this story have been lost or destroyed, and only fan-recorded cassettes of the soundtrack survive. The 1990s double-cassette release (BBC ZBBC 1303) simply removed the two offending scenes in their entirety. The 2003 triple-CD release (in the Daleks tin, ISBN 0563 49476X, reissued singly as ISBN 0563 525975 in 2004) offered a version of the story with Nobody Knows… left untouched but with Paperback Writer digitally removed and replaced with generic music – reportedly by the Dave Clark Five.