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The Sea Devils: Episode 2 (tx: 04/03/1972)

In Fiction: the Doctor has made a clever-looking radio device. Jo comments she's seen things like that in a Modern Art Exhibit. The Doctor picks up Jo's favourite DJ - who tells his audience that he is playing to them all, whoever they might be, isolated wherever they are. The Doctor thinks he got his wires crossed somewhere. Jo thinks he's playing an instrumental of 'Johnny Reggae' by The Piglets.

In Fact: this reggae/Ska track was written by J. King and J. Artley in 1971. Before he was convicted of sexual assaults on minors, pop impresario Jonathan King was one of the most influential people in the pop world, whether through promotion or participation. King had a long-running campaign to produce as many hits as possible under different aliases. In other words - he was the most successful deliberate serial one-hit wonder in pop history. Sometimes it worked - as with the ground-breaking 'Johnny Reggae' by the Piglets, Sakkarin's "Sugar Sugar", the Weathermen's "It's The Same Old Song" and St. Cecilia's "Leap Up And Down (Wave Your Knickers In The Air)".

Backing Track - The Piglets

Cuts: 0'12" featured in the programme, approximately 5 minutes into the episode.

Releases: B-side to The Piglets 7" single 'Johnny Reggae' (Bell BLL 1180), released in 1971. Later re-recorded with considerable success by Big Youth.

Availability (select releases): never re-released, this track is currently unavailable. The original vinyl single is not too difficult to find listed on eBay, however, and the A-side features on the compilation CD 'The Many Faces of Jonathan King' (Music Club MCCD108), released in May 1993. This, too, has been deleted, but second-hand versions do crop up! The scene was released as-broadcast on VHS in 1995.