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Out of This World - BBC Sound Effects No. 12

Sleeve design by Andrew Prewett [Includes TARDIS illustration - click here to view]
Record produced by Glynis Jones

BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Out of This World
12" LP, 5 March 1976
BBC Records REC 225

Also known as BBC Sound Effects No. 12, though this information does not appear on the sleeve. Issued on CD in February 1991 as 'Essential Sci-Fi Sound Effects Volume 2' (BBC CD 855).


Tardis take-off Brian Hodgson
Tardis land Brian Hodgson


Nightmare forest Dick Mills

This early LP of 'atmospheric sounds and effects from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop' noteably includes the first release of the TARDIS take-off and landing effects, abiet in abridged form (the take-off skips the introductory 'thud' and fades out early) and in "simulated stereo". The record includes at least one band from each of the 11 composers present at the Workshop in 1976, and is divided into four sections - (a) Outer Space, (b) Magic and Fantasy, (c) Suspense and the Supernatural, and (d) The Elements - with each track titled for "easy reference", regardless of their original purpose.

Although their sources are uncredited, it is well known that several of these tracks were originally created for use in Doctor Who. One is 'Nightmare forest', which provided the Spiridon atmosphere in Planet of the Daleks (1973). Other effects are remarkably similar to Doctor Who noises without being the original recordings - Dick Mills' 'Roaring monster', for instance, was quite clearly made in the same way as the roar of the Yeti: a slowed down, reversed lavatory flush, though presented here with less reverb and echo than the Abominable Snowmen / Web of Fear versions. Further information about this record - including a full track-listing and press release - can be found here.

Disasters - BBC Sound Effects No. 16

BBC Sound Effects No. 16: Disasters
12" LP / Cassette, 1977
BBC Records REC 295

The track 'Swarming Insects' was actually Dick Mills' sound effect of the Nucleus hatching tanks in The Invisible Enemy. This is acknowledged in Derek Goom's sleevenotes.

BBC Radiophonic Workshop - 21

BBC Radiophonic Workshop: BBC Radiophonic Workshop - 21
LP, April 1979
BBC Records BBC REC 354


Following on from the original Delia Derbyshire theme on this celebration LP of the Radiophonic Workshop's 21 year output, this (mono) release of the TARDIS Take-Off effect remains the longest, running to 1'13". The album also showcased a short piece of incidental music from The Mind of Evil (1971).

Sci-Fi Sound Effects - BBC Sound Effects No. 26

Issued on CD in February 1991 as 'Essential Sci-Fi Sound Effects Volume 1' (BBC CD 847) (pictured).

BBC Sound Effects No. 26: Sci-Fi Sound Effects
12" LP / Cassette, December 1981
BBC Records BBC REC / ZCM 420

Earth Shuttle Arriving on Argolis - The Lesuire Hive
Planet Exterior Atmosphere on Argolis - The Lesuire Hive
Dodecahedron Beams - Meglos
Laboratory Descends, Gaztak Spaceship takes off - Meglos
Marshmen Emerge From the Mistfall - Full Circle
Flock of Bats - State of Decay
Respirator Room Background in Spaceship - Warriors' Gate
Timewinds - Warriors' Gate
Alarm - The Keeper of Traken
Electric Storm - the Keeper of Traken
The Master's TARDIS Takes-Off - Logopolis
The Master's TARDIS Lands - Logopolis
TARDIS 'Out of Time Slip' - Logopolis
TARDIS 'Into Time Slip' - Logopolis

Containing mono sound effects from the first Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy radio series and Blake's 7 series 1-3, and stereo effects from Blake's 7 series 4, Doctor Who season 18 and the radio series Earthsearch.