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Doctor Who at the BBC

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In 2003 the BBC Radio Collection released a double-disc set of audio oddities from radio programmes that had featured or focused on Doctor Who, packaged as a lively magazine programme introduced by Elisabeth Sladen.

Doctor Who at the BBC


30 Years BBC Radio 2, 20 November 1993
With interviewees: Verity Lambert, Jessica Carney, Brian Hodgson, Peter Purves, William Russell, Peter Davison, Terry Nation, John Scott Martin, Barry Letts, Frazer Hines, Terrance Dicks, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, John Nathan-Turner, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Katy Manning, Sophie Aldred
Presenter: Nicholas Courtney

A rather confused documentary that is torn between telling the fictional story of the entire series (which leaves plenty of gaps) and presenting individual anecdotes about the making of the programme, which often make little sense without prior knowledge of the contributors or the behind-the-scenes going on.


Today BBC Radio 4, 8 January 1973
Featuring Michael Aspel. With Terry Nation. Interviewer: Denis Frost
2 clips. A Dalek introduces Terry Nation, also revealing that the Doctor Who theme is the Daleks' national anthem. Terry Nation trots out his Georgian State Dancers story, dismisses his earlier statement that the name 'Dalek' came from the sides of encyclopaedias, says that travelling back in time was the only way to reprise the Daleks' story (having killed them off in the very first one) and puts Apsel right when the presenter imagines having seen inside a Dalek in an earlier story.

Sunday Best BBC Radio 4, 6 February 1972
With Terry Nation. Interviewer: Brian Hoey
"It's a long story, so settle back" says Nation, explaining the history of the Daleks in context of his work for Tony Hancock - he was initially aghast at being approached by a children's show! After an argument with Hancock he found himself out of work, and accepted the commission, writing the episodes very quickly - one a day, he says - and then forgetting all about it until some letters arrived from children who had watched the episodes. He is very happy to have kept the copyright for the Daleks, and admits that "wealth is relative... but I am not poor." They then talk about the development of the Doctor and the programme.

Today BBC Radio 4, 28 March 1972
Interviewer: Heather Forrester
The finalists for the Radio Times Doctor Who Short Story competition are interviewed about their stories, which include one about a jelly monster who sets a rock on fire with it's electric claws. They talk about the Doctor's costume and what he does when he's not fighting Daleks.

Profile BBC World Service, April 1974
With Jon Pertwee. Interviewer: Peter Hunt
Jon Pertwee is interviewed about his time on the show, and takes sole credit for the show becoming more mature and not just for children (when of course it was actually the producer and script editor's decision, but there you go). They discuss his clothes, which he also takes credit for, and whether he understands the science of the plots, which he says he doesn't have a clue about but he knows they have to be accurate for the audience. He talks about viewer letters after Invasion of the Dinosaurs and the forthcoming gadgets and vehicles of Planet of the Spiders.

Morning Sou'West BBC Radio 4 South-West, 30 September 1974
Reporter: Robert Deere. With Tom Baker, Philip Hinchcliffe
During filming for The Sontaran Experiment, "struggling against the odds in a small canyon," Tom Baker talks about the Doctor being an alien and the exhilaration of playing the part, and Hinchcliffe talks about Dartmoor being suitably bleak and atmospheric for an abandoned Earth story.

Exploration Earth BBC Radio 4, 4 October 1976
With Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, John Westbrook
A two-minute clip from the schools radio programme (later released in-full): the TARDIS lands on a newly-stable Earth.

The Paradise of Death BBC Radio 5, 10 September 1993
With Richard Pearce, Elisabeth Sladen, Jon Pertwee, Nicholas Courtney, Peter Miles, Harold Innocent
A one-minute clip from the radio dramatisation: the cliff-hanger to an episode.

Pete Murray's Open House BBC Radio 2, 29 August 1978
With Tom Baker, Mary Tamm. Interviewer: Pete Murray
During filming of The Androids of Tara, and ahead of the broadcast of Season 16, Tom and Mary talk about earlier companions, the character of Romana, Mary's casting, the 10-month filming schedule, recent repeats and international sales of episodes, and the unique format of the programme.

Today BBC Radio 4, 9 October 1980
With John Leeson, John Nathan-Turner. Reporter: Andy Price
Following news of K9's imminent departure, JN-T defends his decision: K9 was simply too useful and ruined the drama. John Leeson tells how he voices the robot live, even on-location, and how he would do The Times crossword with Tom Baker in-character.

The Ed Stewart Show BBC Radio 2, 4 April 1983
Presenter: Ed Stewart. With Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, John Nathan-Turner
Three excerpts from a two-hour programme broadcast from the convention at Longleat House, urging listeners not to come along as the park is already full! Davison appears (in-costume) and talks about taking the weekend seriously and the recognition he receives. They then accost a young man called Philip Jones who is wearing a home-made version of Peter's costume, but he's already met Peter and gotten his autograph, so he's not really bothered. Janet Fielding grits her teeth through an interview alongside JN-T about Tegan.

The Enthusiasts BBC Radio 4, 11 December 1985
Presenter: Allan Smith
Some dreadfully sad American fans are interviewed about their collections and their obsessions with the show. One chap tries to explain himself but just digs himself into a deeper hole: "there's a little Doctor Who in everyone..."

Hello Cheeky BBC Radio 2, 21 April 1973
With Tim Brooke-Taylor, Barry Cryer, John Junkin
A clip from a spoof episode, with groan-inducing pantomime jokes: Doctor Who and the Bores. The TARDIS crash-lands in Piccadilly Circus but everyone is being terribly boring.

Week Ending BBC Radio 4, 30 November 1990
With Sally Grace, Bill Wallis, David Tate, Ian Ashpitel
Another sketch: a group of fans are about to jam the BBC Switchboard demanding that the show is made again.

The Skivers BBC Radio 4, 23 February 1995
With Nick Golson, Tim de Jongh, Jon Pertwee, Melanie Giedroyc
Pertwee appears on a radio comedy show pretending to audition a new companion, Jemima-Katy. She's got no A-levels but plenty of beige polyester jumpers, she screams "oh, Doctor!" when she hears Radiophonic Workshop music, and is scared of absolutely everything. The Doctor is delighted.

Newsbeat 12:30 BBC Radio 1, 10 February 1999
Reporter: Phil Mercer
A report on the discovery of The Lion, with telephone interviews with Steve Roberts and Alan Barnes. Clips from The Dalek Invasion of Earth, Death to the Daleks, The Five Doctors and The Pirate Planet.

Today BBC Radio 4, 13 November 1999
With Douglas Adams, Tom Baker. Interviewer: James Naughtie
Promoting that evening's Doctor Who Night on BBC2, Douglas Adams is interviewed via telephone about the appeal of the character and the show - "there was something intensely imaginative about it" - discussing the Daleks and his favourite Doctors (Hartnell and Tom Baker). Baker then comes on the phone, blustering away: "Douglas Adams, isn't he a chatterbox there? He's saying all that old guff and trying to please everyone..."

Dead Ringers BBC Radio 4, 7 January 2000
With Jon Culshaw
A telephone call from the Doctor (Culshaw) to directory enquiries, trying to track down the Master. "Does the Master have a first name?" / "He is pure evil." / "I'll just have a search for that..."

Blue Veils & Golden Sands BBC Radio 4, 23 December 2002
With Sophie Thompson, Martin Hyder
A two-minute clip from the radio drama (later released in-full): Delia Derbyshire delights in splicing together the famous theme tune.

Volume 2

Doctor Who at the BBC: Volume 2
Presented by Elisabeth Sladen
Written and produced by Michael Stevens
Technical presentation by Mark Ayres
Consultant: Andrew Pixley

With thanks to Jeremy Bentham, Trevor Ellis, James Goss, Kate Green, Clayton Hickman, Alan Jeffries, Daniel Judd, Moray Laing, Richard Landen, Anthony Mahoney, Stuart Maisner, Barry Platt, Jeremy Spencer, Tom Spilsbury, Ed Stradling


Injury Time BBC Radio 4, 27 July 1982
Featuring Jimmy Mulville
Jimmy Mulville summarises the previous 20 years of Doctor Who (in case you missed it), particularly focusing on the Daleks and their silly appendages.

Blue Peter BBC1, 27 November 1967
Featuring Valerie Singleton, Peter Purves, John Noakes
Introducing another retrospective (with clip from Power of the Daleks) and the launch of the Blue Peter Design a Monster competition.

Mary Whitehouse's Best Experiences So Far BBC Radio 1, 6 October 1990
Featuring Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis
Reporting the Great Doctor Who Monsters Dispute of the early seventies, satirising union strikes with a monster walk-out led by Dalek representative, Bobby Davros.

Talkback BBC1, 26 September 1967
Featuring David Coleman, Kit Pedler
Children (or, more accurately, parents) terrorised by violence and horror in Tomb of the Cybermen are not reassured by Kit Pedler's insistence that everyday fairy tales are actually more frightening than the BBC-regulated Doctor Who. "Have you no power in your own home?Ē he tells one chap who hadn't considering simply turning the telly off.

Newsbeat BBC Radio 1, March 1989
Featuring Jon Pertwee, Stuart Maisner
Interview with Jon Pertwee about his return to the role on stage. He admits that The Ultimate Adventure is a bit ambitious and that he's made the odd unplanned entrance during the highly-technical show.

Newsbeat BBC Radio 1, 14 May 1996
Featuring Terry Nation, Geoffrey Sax, Andrew Eaton
News flash about the press preview of the TV Movie, with clips from the film, the vintage trailer for The Dalek Invasion of Earth and the famous interview with Terry Nation where he talks about the limitless premise of Doctor Who. Director Geoffrey Sax and fan Andrew Eaton say that it's wonderful.

I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue BBC Radio 4, 4 December 1993
Featuring Humphrey Lyttleton, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Barry Cryer, Willie Rushton, Graeme Garden
A round of 'good news/bad news' concerning the "new series" (really?) of Doctor Who, with a few bitter jokes aimed at the BBC Director General.

Newsbeat BBC Radio 1, 26 September 2003
Featuring Dominick Byrne, David Bickerstaff, Terry Molloy
Report on the new series announcement. DWAS member David Bickerstaff is interviewed and mocked by obnoxious presenter Dominick Byrne, who then telephones Terry Molloy.

Wavelength BBC Radio 4, 20 September 1984
Featuring Patrick Troughton
Short clip of Troughton saying that it's very exciting that the galaxy really is teaming with unknown creatures.

BBC news BBC Radio 4, circa 29 March 1987
Featuring Bill Frost
News report of Troughton's death at a US Doctor Who convention, with a nice overview of his acting work outside Who.

Simon Bates BBC radio, March 1992
Featuring Simon Bates, Jon Pertwee
Just as The Pertwee Years was released on video, Pertwee is interviewed about his initial comic approach to the character, the successful escapism of the show, his frustration at being typecast today despite having played such extremes as the Doctor and Worzel Gummage previously, the terrible BBC wage (£300 an episode, he recalls), the Whomobile, his decision to leave Who (because of the breaking-up of the team), Katy Manning's nude photo shoot with the Dalek, Patrick Troughton, larger-than-life actors and performances, the rehearsal procedure of Who, learning the scientific gobbledegook and working happily in a team.

Radio Lives BBC Radio 4, 31 October 1996
Featuring Tenniel Evans, Peter Bryant, Barry Letts, Ingeborg Pertwee, Dariel Pertwee
Pertwee's Navy Lark co-star Tenniel Evans recalls pushing Pertwee to audition for the Doctor. Producers Peter Bryant and Barry Letts discuss the difficulty of casting a new Doctor, and Pertwee's own odd personality. Jon's daughter Dariel remembers watching her dad on TV as a child.

Wogan's World BBC Radio 4, 9 March 1975
Featuring Terry Wogan, Elisabeth Sladen
A clip rescued from Elisabeth Sladen's own off-air recording, this interview covers her casting, meeting Pertwee for the first time, working with both Doctors, her one-year limit on the job (which she has willingly passed twice by this point), the reality of working with monsters - they are just blokes in costume, apparently - and leaving them in their costumes while they all go off for lunch, and watching the show herself on Saturdays.

Woman's Hour BBC Radio 4, 26 January 1977
Featuring Sue MacGregor, Tom Baker
Tom is questioned about the end of The Face of Evil and the arrival of Louise Jameson.

Nationwide BBC1, 26 October 1976
Featuring Bob Welling, Tom Baker, Louise Jameson
Tom appears in-character as the Doctor, introducing Leela, her scanty costume and what the Doctor looks for in a companion, before Louise Jameson's refusal to talk in-character herself forces Bob Welling to interview them both properly and talk about Jameson's reasons for taking the part, Tom's association with his role (which he doesn't think is a hindrance) and why children love it.

Pebble Mill at One BBC1, May 1977
Featuring Danny McLeod, Tom Baker, Louise Jameson
This presenter is very disappointed that Leela isn't wearing her skimpy clothes in The Talons of Weng-Chiang, but Tom assures the "sex-mad Dads" that she'll be back in it next year. Jameson tells her story about the letter she received from a child telling her to put some clothes on. Tom introduces a gallery of pictures inspired by the Doctor Who exhibition.

Playground BBC Radio 1, 23 October 1980
Featuring David Rider, Matthew Waterhouse, Paul Joyce
Matthew Waterhouse is interviewed ahead of his first appearance on Who that evening. He talks about working as a clerk at the BBC, putting himself forward to audition, not having been to drama school (there's news for you), the character of Adric, rehearsing and filming the show, special effects, learning lines and his relationship with Tom. There's a clip from Full Circle, and Matthew talks about his forthcoming fame.
In a pre-recorded insert, Warriors' Gate director Paul Joyce covers the same topics: he distinguishes between the series producer and director, talks about casting, rehearsing, special effects, directing Tom Baker and Matthew Waterhouse's performance.
A competition is then launched, where you can win a signed script and two copies of the Doctor Who single if you can name Jon Pertwee.

Woman's Hour BBC Radio 4, 28 December 1981
Featuring Tony Barnfield, John Leeson
The day that K9 & Company:A Girl's Best Friend was broadcast, John Leeson talks about rehearsing on all-fours, creating the voice and the many technical problems of K9.

Dead Ringers BBC Radio 4, 27 April 2001
Featuring Jon Culshaw, Tom Baker
A phone call from Jon Culshaw impersonating Tom Baker, calling Tom Baker. Tom plays along wonderfully and cracks better jokes than Culshaw.

Dead Ringers BBC Radio 4, 13 July 2000
Featuring Jon Culshaw
In this sketch, the Doctor can't resist throwing Time Lord references into a commercial.


The John Dunn Show BBC Radio 2, 5 September 1980
Featuring John Dunn, Tom Baker
The Leisure Hive is introduced by Tom Baker, who is in a fun mood and likens the Argolans to Britain's unemployed. He asserts that he is always the Doctor to children and talks about meeting people who tell him that they like or hate the programme, and signing autographs to children who can't read joined-up writing yet. He doesn't like to watch the programme unless he is with children, to witness the double-takes they keep making to see him on the sofa and on-screen at the same time.

Wogan's World BBC Radio 4, 9 March 1975
Featuring Terry Wogan, Elisabeth Sladen
Asked about the violence in the programme, Sladen asserts that any fears are only in the mind of the kind of child who would be frightened by a green cabbage rolling down the stairs.

Woman's Hour BBC Radio 4, 26 January 1977
Featuring Sue MacGregor, Tom Baker
Tom is asked whether he finds the plots difficult to follow, and, once again on fine form, he dismisses the plots as being dispensable and unimportant. He puts the show's terror in context and points out that it takes place in a safe, family environment and that the frightening plots are diffused by that, and that the shooting and editing of the programme also aim to down-play the violence.
He talks about approaching the character, considering the limitations imposed by being goody-goody and moral in all situations. He discusses his scarf and its knitter, his building-site days, and listening to Woman's Hour on decorating jobs.

The Robbie Vincent Show BBC Radio London, November 1983
Featuring Robbie Vincent, John Nathan-Turner
John Nathan-Turner says that the children of the 60s are now watching Doctor Who with their own kids. "I hope she watches the special and complains," he says of Mary Whitehouse, and admits that the BBC guidelines on violence are mostly based on a gut-reaction to each programme. Is there an audience for an adult Doctor Who, asks Vincent? I don't think so, is the reply. Torchwood, anyone?

View from the Boundary BBC Radio 4, 20 August 1994
Featuring Vic Marks, Peter Davison
Davison recalls having watched the programme avidly before he was cast, and thus initially felt that he was entirely unsuited to it... but that, like Tennant would say after him, he just couldn't turn the offer down. It's not like acting, he says, it's playing out fantasies, and he was glad to leave and tackle more serious parts again. They talk of his cricketing costume, and how he has done his bit abroad promoting (and explaining) cricket.

Wavelength BBC Radio 4, 20 September 1984
Featuring Andy Peebles, Colin Baker
Interviewed by Andy Peebles, Colin Baker says he decided to take the part in nanoseconds. He tells of the rehearsals, studio sessions and location filming, what he draws upon for his characterisation (himself), and sitting in front of his trick mirror at home, enacting the opening title sequence. Hmmmm.

'Round Midnight BBC Radio 2, 14 December 1988
Featuring Brian Matthew, Sylvester McCoy
Sylvester talks to Brian Matthew about a recent Doctor Who cruise in the US, his casting as the Doctor, and the brilliance of the regeneration idea.

Movies & Shakers BBC Radio Scotland, 1 November 1996
Featuring Siobhan Synnot, Paul McGann
An in-depth, post-TV Movie interview with Paul McGann by Siobhan Synnot. Clips from the TVM, An Unearthly Child, Power of the Daleks, Logopolis, The Trial of a Time Lord and Dr Who & The Daleks.
Paul talks about there having been three conflicting companies involved in the pilot. He likes being called a rugged Doctor, and recalls being told that Peter Cushing, his favourite earlier Doctor, wasn't a proper incarnation - "they were looking at me like I'd just dropped one in church". He hopes that everyone's enthusiasm is enough for the BBC to commission a new series, and bemoans the competition on other channels (Roseanne, and something about Diana) that stole the US audience. Phillip Segal and Peter Wagg are praised for fighting for it over five years, and for keeping the icons of the original show.

Today BBC Radio 4, 27 September 2003
Featuring Sarah Montague, Jon Humphrys, John Lyttle, Clayton Hickman
In light of the announcement of a new series, the Today show replay their interview with a Dalek (originally recorded for a report on Death Comes to Time in 2001) and Sarah Montague and Jon Humprhys interview John Lyttle and Clayton Hickman about the new Doctor being a gay icon (with a particularly tenuous reference to his two hearts: "one for a girl, one for a boy...?" Puh-lease). Hickman admits dancing around the DWM offices in excitement at the announcement, rebuffs accusations of the classic series being camp, and reports that Russell T Davies wants a very traditional revival.

Nationwide BBC1, 13 May 1976
Featuring Michael Barratt
A quick clip from the Nationwide Sladen interview that later appeared as an Easter Egg on The Hand of Fear DVD, where a Dalek threatens to exterminate her.

I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue BBC Radio 4, December 1987
Featuring Barry Cryer, Graeme Garden
A short improvised song, with Colin Sell on piano and Barry Cryer and Graeme Garden singing: "Doctor Who has got a brand new face / For travellin' in time and travellin' in space / But no matter how far he goes, he'll find / He can't leave bloody Bonnie Langford behind"

Volume 3

Doctor Who at the BBC: Volume 3
Presented by Elisabeth Sladen
Written and produced by Michael Stevens
Technical presentation by Mark Ayres
Consultant: Andrew Pixley

With thanks to Jeremy Bentham, Peter Crocker, Brian Hudd, Moray Laing, Jason May, Dick Mills, Richard Molesworth, Malcolm Prince, Jeremy Spencer, Ed Stradling, Mark Taylor. [A belated thanks to Paul Wood was later printed in Doctor Who at the BBC: The Plays]

CD 1

The News Quiz BBC Radio 4, 9 January 2004
Featuring Simon Hoggart, Brian Perkins
Pointing-out a ridiculous warning label on an inflatable Dalek: "this is not a life-saving device."

PM BBC Radio 4, 2 July 2004
Featuring Carolyn Quinn, Sylvester McCoy
In light of the announcement that the new series of Doctor Who wouldn't be starring the Daleks, Sylvester McCoy appears and says that he didn't feel like a true Doctor until he'd faced the Daleks, but rebuffs the presenter's suggestion that the show won't be the same without them - he bravely brings up the Tetraps as an example of good monsters. Clip from Genesis of the Daleks.

Whatever Happened To... Susan Foreman? BBC Radio 4, 9 July 1994
Featuring Jane Asher, James Grout, Andrew Sachs, June Barrie, Peter Woodthorpe, Eva Hadden
Written by Adrian Mourby and produced by Brian King

And Now the Good News BBC2, 20 November 1978
Featuring Richard Stilgoe
Celebrating Doctor Who's 15th birthday, Richard Stilgoe celebrates the actors inside the monster-costumes, and does fine impressions of both a Dalek and Kermit the frog.

Nationwide BBC1, 22 November 1978
Featuring Frank Bough, Carole Ann Ford, Mary Tamm, Tom Baker
A clip from The Dalek Invasion of Earth introduces a retrospective on the programme, running through the history of the actors (clip from The Three Doctors). Carole Ann Ford is interviewed: she wishes William Hartnell could have seen how long-running the show became, and admits that she has had type-casting problems. Mary Tamm thinks her character is different to all those before her (haven't they all said that...?). Tom Baker says, again, that the Doctor isn't an acting part - it's just him - and comes out with the marvellous line "I don't have to be Doctor Who anymore than you have to be Frank Bough." / "But I am Frank Bough." / "Exactly! And I am Doctor Who!". They argue this for a while. Later, Tom doesn't think that it's a violent show; "But people do watch it behind the sofa?" / "Exactly, just like Grandstand..."

Nationwide BBC1, 2 April 1979
Featuring Vera Gilbert, Desmond Briscoe, Liz Parker, Roger Limb, Dick Mills
In honour of the Radiophonic Workshop's 21st anniversary, Dick Mills explains how the voices of the Daleks and K9 are treated, and demonstrates the creation of the TARDIS take-off sound.

Wavelength (edited version) BBC Radio 4, 20 September 1984
Featuring Andy Peebles, Jackie Rowley, Gary Downie, Sarah Lee, Jan Wright, Tony Burroughs, Cathy Davies, Dick Mills, Peter Moffatt, Tim Raynham, John Stratton, Nicola Bryant, John Nathan-Turner
Produced by Sarah McNeill

The schools radio programme goes behind the scenes of The Two Doctors. The Grumbleweeds BBC Radio 2, 17 December 1983
Written by Mike Craig and Ron McDonnell
A spoof episode in broad Yorkshire: 'Doctor Nobutjust'. "They might be Daleks to you, lad, but they're walking dustbins to me. Let me get home and get my whippet."

CD 2

The Ghosts of N-Space - Radio 2 trailers (x3) BBC Radio 2, 1996
Three specially-narrated trailers for the radio serial, mostly condescending: "the one in the frilly shirt ... " / "... from a gravel quarry in the English countryside", etc. Doctorin' the Tardis features.

Personal appearance at Goodwood Races Not broadcast, 1974
Featuring Elisabeth Sladen, Jon Pertwee, Dick Mills
A remarkable discovery: 11 minutes of narration recorded for a special Doctor Who display at "Glorious Goodwood" races, at which assorted monsters(including the Daleks and Aggador) staged an attack to pre-recorded dialogue and effects, with plenty of references to Stirling Moss, British Leyland and Greenwood. Sarah Jane sees the monsters off pretty easily; the Doctor is busy seeing matron.

Multi-coloured Swap Shop BBC1, 29 December 1979
Featuring Noel Edmonds, Lalla Ward
Lalla Ward is grilled by Noel Edmonds, answering the following: are the Daleks really frightening; was she a fan beforehand; is there a cult around the programme; what's it like working with Tom; how does she manage filming out-of-sequence; is she good with lines; is she a science-fiction fan; does she believe in alien life; and is she show less frightening than earlier years.
From callers: what does K9 eat; does she choose her own costumes; how long is the Doctor's scarf; has she done any modelling work; does she have any work lined-up after Doctor Who (because the other girls aren't on TV any more...); how long does it take to record each series; does she get nightmares after filming with monsters.
Clip from Destiny of the Daleks.

Where Are They Now? BBC1, 17 September 1980
Featuring David Jacobs, Ysanne Churchman
Alpha Centauri's vocalist, Ysanne Churchman, is interviewed about the character. "They said, we want the pure voice of a young boy with the mentality of a homosexual civil servant." Clip from The Monster of Peladon.

The Ed Doolan Show BBC Radio West Midlands, late 1984
Featuring Ed Doolan, Sarah Sutton, Malcolm Prince
Whilst appearing in a Birmingham stage show, Sarah Sutton is quizzed by geek Malcolm Prince about her time on the programme.

Take Two BBC1, 23 May 1984
Featuring Josephine Buchan, John Nathan-Turner, various schoolchildren
A variety of children complain about an (un-named) assistant and her whiney voice, but they like the monsters.

PM BBC Radio 4, 2 April 2004
Featuring Eddie Mair, Michael Grade
At the end of an interview with Michael Grade, the ex-BBC Controller admits that he doesn't have the powers to axe the 2005 version.

Dead Ringers BBC Radio 4, 26 September 2003
Featuring Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, Phil Cornwell, Kevin Connelly
Written by Tom Jamieson and Nev Fountain

'Doctor Who and the Lifestyle/Make-Over/Property/Cookery Programme... of Doom': the Doctor sorts out the living room, the Daleks cook a meal, and the Doctor regenerates into... a lady. "It could have been worse, I could have been Sylvester McCoy!"

Dead Ringers BBC Radio 4, 3 October 2003 (2 clips)
Featuring Kevin Connelly, Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, Phil Cornwell
Written by Tom Jamieson and Nev Fountain

A pretend Newsnight Review introduction to the series, with Anne Robinson chairing a round of "who's the weakest evil creature" with a Cyberman, the Sea Devils and a Dalek... a forerunner to the Children in Need version of the same idea! In another clip, Ozzie Osbourne is the new Doctor.

Matthew Bannister BBC Radio 5 Live, 29 April 2004
Featuring Matthew Bannister, Tom Spilsbury
During a phone-in for viewers to select their favourite Doctor, one absolutely nutty lady rings in and giggles about Tom Baker, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee. Christopher Eccleston has recently announced that he will make his Doctor "more touchy/feely"; DWM editor Tom Spilsbury is interviewed and talks us through the varied incarnations to date. He hopes the new series will have good production values, and he and the presenters then debate the earlier Doctors some more.

The Now Show BBC Radio 4, 6 August 2004
Featuring Mitch Benn
Written by Mitch Benn

Mitch Benn is delighted that the Daleks are definitely in the new series, and sings a song (as a Dalek) about the negotiations they must have fought for.

Phil Williams (standing in for Simon Mayo) BBC Radio 5 Live, 22 November 2004
Featuring Phil Williams, Russell T Davies
Russell T Davies appears in an early interview about the new series, talking openly and happily about the filming, Christopher and Billie, acquiring the Daleks, and whether the Doctor will be gay.

Today BBC Radio 4, 9 March 2005
Featuring Ed Stourton, Clayton Hickman, Michael Grade, Christopher Eccleston, Alex Soul, Russell T Davies, Tim Collins
A report on the press screening of the first episode. Clayton Hickman explains why the show was worth bringing back; Michael Grade (in a sound-byte from Room 101) says that it was, in fact, rubbish. Eccleston talks about the Doctor loving life (quoted from the BBC Breakfast interview).
Conservative MP Tim Collins and Russell T Davies appear to talk about the new series. Clips from Genesis of the Daleks, City of Death and Rose.

The Plays

CD 1

Regenerations BBC Radio 3, 1 December 2001

CD 2

Blue Veils and Golden Sands BBC Radio 4, 23 December 2002
Dalek, I Love You BBC 7, 11 February 2006

The Tenth Doctor

Doctor Who at the BBC: The Tenth Doctor
Presented by Elisabeth Sladen
Script written by Andrew Pixley
Technical Presentation by Steven David Jones
Produced by Michael Stevens

Disc 1

Front Row BBC Radio 4, 27 December 2005
Featuring Mark Lawson, Russell T. Davies, Emily Bell
Russell T. Davies discusses the Series One launch in the light of Christopher Ecclestonís departure. Emily Bell admires the return of family viewing. Clips from Dalek.

Front Row BBC Radio 4, 8 December 2005
Featuring David Tennant
Tennant brushes aside Lawsonís concerns about his future type-casting, admits the enormity of the role and confirms his commitment to Series Three and beyond, dropping hints about the Doctorís changing relationship with Rose.

Back in Time Ė New Doctor, New Danger BBC Radio Wales, 23 December 2005
Featuring Julian Carey, Diane Davis, Paul Rees, Russell T. Davies, Sean Gilder, Mike Collins. Iím Gonna Spend My Christmas With a Dalek performed by the Go-Jos [sic]

Four clips. Breakfast BBC One, 21 December 2005
Featuring Dermot Murnaghan, Sian Williams, David Tennant
Another introductory interview with almost exactly the same questions as Front Row (itís a big responsibility, itís very exciting, heíll stay for Series Three). Clip from The Parting of the Ways. Williams amuses Tennant by calling him waspish.

Dead Ringers BBC Two, 23 December 2005
Featuring Jon Culshaw, Mark Perry, Kevin Connelly, Phil Cornwall
All ten Doctors spend their Christmas together. Features some spectacularly bad impressions of Hartnell, Troughton, et al that would never be reprised.

Back in Time - Adventures in Sound BBC Radio Wales, 29 April 2006
Featuring Julian Carey, Paul McFadden, John Leeson, Russell T. Davies, Doug Sinclair, David Tennant, Elisabeth Sladen, Noel Clarke, Anthony Head, Nicholas Briggs

Four clips. Blue Peter BBC One, 24 April 2006
Featuring Gethin Jones, Zoe Salmon, Elisabeth Sladen, John Leeson, Tom Baker, David Tennant, Sophia Myles. K9 & Company theme by Ian Levine and Fiachra Trench
Discussing School Reunion, Elisabeth Sladen talks about how easy it was to return to Doctor Who, how Sarah Jane has changed and her reaction to the Tenth Doctor and Rose. K9 shows off his laser blaster to the Blue Peter dogs. Very brief clips from Genesis of the Daleks, Terror of the Zygons, The Invisible Enemy and K9 & Company.

Breakfast BBC One, 27 April 2006
Featuring Dermot Murnaghan, Sian Williams, Elisabeth Sladen
Sladen talks about classic Who, where the Doctor was always the focus, compared to the new series where Billie is able to share the lime light. They talk about K9 being difficult to operate, how she felt about leaving Doctor Who, and the unfortunate budget and effects of the original series, which she valiantly defends.

Richard Evans BBC Radio Wales, 22 December 2006
Featuring Richard Evans, Julie Gardner
During a radio phone-in, David Tennant rings in with an outrageous Welsh accent pretending to be her long-lost relative, demanding a part in the next series.

Disc 2

Iím Sorry I Havenít A Clue BBC Radio 4, 27 June 2005
Featuring Humphrey Lyttleton, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Harry Hill
Tim Brooke-Taylor and Harry Hill recreate a scene from Brief Encounter, with a Dalek in place of Celia Johnson.

Newsbeat BBC Radio 1, 5 July 2006
Featuring Frances Cronin, Russell T. Davies
A clip from a Radio 1 news bulletin about the casting of Freema Agyeman, including a telephone interview with Russell T. Davies and the pre-Series Three rumour that Rose would be making a further appearance. Features clips from Army of Ghosts.

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross BBC One, 20 October 2006
Featuring Jonathan Ross, Billie Piper
Billie admits she hadnít watched Doctor Who before, although the new scripts had impressed her. She discusses the shooting schedule, the sadness of Eccleston leaving, her own decision to goÖ and her feelings towards Freema (incredibly jealous)!

Back in Time Ė Jingle Hell BBC Radio Wales, 24 December 2006
Featuring Julian Carey, David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Sarah Parrish, Julie Gardner, Russell T. Davies. Music by Murray Gold and Orbital. Love Donít Roam performed by Neil Hannon

The complete episode, featuring clips from The Runaway Bride. Jo Whiley Meets Doctor Who BBC Radio 1, 25 December 2006
Featuring Jo Whiley, Edward Thomas, David Tennant, Thomas Sangster, Susie Liggat, Jessica Hynes, Freema Agyeman At the end of the disc, Sladen welcomes us to the first edition of 'Sarah Jane Smith at the BBC', introducing a clip from Blue Peter that goes behind the scenes of the Christmas episode.

Blue Peter BBC One, 11 December 2006
Featuring Konnie Huq, Elisabeth Sladen, Yasmin Paige, Samantha Bond, Gethin Jones. Music by Murray Gold and Sam Watts
Run-of-the-mill story-telling interviews with Sladen, Paige and Bond... although Bond gives her interview in-character, promoting Bubble Shock, and Konnie Huq takes us behind the scenes at the warehouse. Features clips from The Sarah Jane Adventures and The Time Warrior.