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April 1966
The Daleks
Century 21 Records MA 106
The Daleks
Astor Records

In 1966, several months after the twelve week experience that was The Daleks' Master Plan, the adventures of the Daleks were continuing - in comic form. Outside the confines of a BBC budget, these Daleks looked better and meaner than ever. Heck, this lot could even climb stairs. And when Century 21 began releasing soundtrack EPs of assorted Gerry Anderson episodes featured in the comic (each narrated by a member of the original cast, often in character), the BBC sensibly donated the rights for release of the classic Dalek episode, The Planet of Indecision, to thrill and delight children everywhere for a mere 7/6d.

Originally broadcast June 26th 1965, the exciting climax to a six week adventure featured the well-remembered battle between the Daleks and the Mechanoids, a race of well-spoken and slow-moving robots developed as a hopeful replacement for the Daleks. Their appearance in Doctor Who may have been fleeting, but they were nonetheless immortalised in the first ever commercial release of a Doctor Who episode. (Incidentally, this was the first of only five in thirty-seven Century 21 Mini Albums that were not based on Gerry Anderson productions.)

The Daleks - 21 Minutes of Adventure

The Daleks
Narrated by David Graham
Produced by Des Saunders
Dr. Who Theme by Eric Winston [sic] Orchestra

In their flight from the Pursuer-Daleks, Dr. Who and his friends land on yet another strange planet. Trapped in a city built on massive stilts which tower above a dangerous jungle, they fight their way to safety.

Though every surviving episode of Doctor Who would eventually be released exactly as-broadcast for the benefit of it's grown-up fans, this was ruthlessly edited for a child audience likely to burn the vinyl away with repeated listening - if their record player and parents didn't snap it first. As well as adding an orchestral arrangement of the Dr Who theme to the beginning and end of the record (although Australian listeners would have heard the BBC Radiophonic Workshop version and a selection of UK copies featured Barry Gray's Supermarionation music instead), 58 separate cuts were made to the episode before its commitment to disc. Most of these were less than 10 seconds long, enhancing the pace of many scenes by removing pauses and fluffs, though others had a more obvious purpose - such as the subtle removal of Dudley Simpson's incidental music, either cutting or fading away from the scene or drowning it out with stock explosions or ambience. Other scenes were extended with wind effects or atmospheric silence, and additional sound effects - including Big Ben's chimes and a fire engine bell - were included to make the episode more presentable on audio.

Side One Detailed Breakdown - 10'04"

(0’01” of silence is cut once Steven leaves the Doctor and Ian alone on the roof-top)
The Doctor: ‘Chesterton, be careful!’
(0’01” cut)
Ian: ‘Yes, I can see why the Mechanoids don’t mind us coming up here’.
(0’03” cut)
Ian: ‘Doctor, what do you make of this?’
The Doctor: ‘Oh, it’s some kind of arial I suppose’.
(0’02” cut)
Ian: ‘Doctor, I’ve got it!’ (etc.)
(0’10” cut)
Ian: ‘C’mon, let’s get the others’

Side Two Detailed Breakdown - 09'46"

There was now no time to argue. Through the window of the prison they looked across the top of the elevator shaft and saw the Daleks. They had reached the level of the city, and were attacking the Mechons who stood in their path.

The Doctor: ‘My dear, I’d be delighted!’
(0’04” cut)
Barbara: ‘Ian? Do you realise... we could get home?’
Ian: ‘Home... yes... d’you want to?’
Barbara: ‘Yes. I never realised it before.
(0’03” cut)
Ian: ‘We may never get another chance...’
Barbara: ‘Do you think we could work it?’
Ian: ‘Would the Doctor take us?’
Barbara: ‘Let’s ask him!’
(0’05” cut)
Steven: ‘Doctor?’ (in the EP the listener assumption is that this is Ian’s voice).
(0’09” cut)
The Doctor: ‘I’ve never heard such nonsense in my life! You’ll end up as a couple of burnt cinders, flying around in..’
(0’01” cut, removing Hartnell’s fluff, ‘ Spain, dda..’)
The Doctor: ‘.. in space!’

Vicki: ‘Doctor - they made it!’
(0’10” cut)
The Doctor: ‘I shall miss them.’
(0’11” cut)
The Doctor: ‘Come along my dear, it’s time we were off..’
(0’07” cut)
The TARDIS takes off.