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UK LP / Cass
Doctor Who Collector's Edition
Doctor Who: Genesis Of The Daleks (BBC 22364)
Doctor Who: Sound Effects (BBC 22316)
Doctor Who b/w The Astronauts (BBC 451)
Exclusive Poster & Set of postcards
BBC 2LP-22001
UK 2Cass
ISBN 0563 478578

The BBC Records range consisted primarily of classic comedy programmes such as Fawlty Towers, with two unedited 30 minute episodes on a Best Of release. Doctor Who, however, called for either a double-vinyl set (to release a four-parter) or a special edit, which is what happened to Genesis Of The Daleks when the BBC chose to release an album to coincide with the broadcast of its effective sequel, Destiny Of The Daleks, on BBC1.

The idea for an audio-only version of Genesis had already been explored by BBC Radio 4, when the release of The Pescatons and broadcast of The Time Machine led to the preparation of a 90 minute adaptation by Andrew Sewell and David Dulpoint. It was never recorded, and it is probable that the LP edit of the 150 minute TV soundtrack arose as a direct consequence from the radio's loss. Tom Baker recorded in-character narration to bridge selected scenes from the soundtrack, and the two 30 minute episodes were released in 1979 on LP and cassette. Its reissue on cassette with the radio play Slipback provoked an appreciation revival in the late 1980s, and after a decade of video releases and further national and cable broadcasts of the full-length Genesis, the BBC Radio Collection has chosen to release the LP version as part of their Doctor Who range for 2001, where it will share CD packaging with the aforementioned Time Machine.

Genesis of the Daleks

Genesis Of The Daleks
Narrated by Tom Baker
Narrative and Record Realisation by Derek Goom
Sleeve Design by Mario Moscardini

Daleks...! Wherever I have travelled in time and space I have met no deadlier adversary. Their single-minded destructive instinct has terrorised more people on more planets than I have time to mention. As the Tardis was impelled back towards the 20th Century, I did not know that I was about to embark on my most dangerous mission... to find the Daleks and avert their creation for ever!

Despite cutting over 85 minutes from the televised version of Genesis, the LP manages to summarise the story without compromising on plot. The represented scenes have not simply been transferred from the film soundtrack - in many cases, short edits will occur between every line - and those scenes that are missing (among them the Part One cliff-hanger and many of Davros' conversations with Nyder) are adequately summarised by the dialogue. Only on Side Two does the editing become obvious, where nothing is heard of the Thal's preparations to detonate their explosives. The earlier cuts are of excess padding only, including the journey through the cave of Davros' discarded experiments and the Kaled interrogation of the Doctor and Harry. The story-arc between The Ark In Space and Revenge Of The Cybermen is also quietly removed, with Tom Baker's narration suggesting that the Doctor arrived on Skaro in the TARDIS (rather than via the Nerva Beacon transmat).

Genesis Of The Daleks / Exploration Earth
Linking script and original LP realisation by Derek Goom
Soundtracks researched, compiled and digitally remastered for Compact Disc by Mark Ayres

Tom Baker narrated an abridged version of this 1975 television adventure in which the Doctor, Sarah and Harry are sent to Skaro, home world of the Thals and the Kaleds. As a thousand year war of attrition reaches its climax, the crippled scientist Davros has created protective casings for the genetic mutations which his race will become. Only the Doctor knows what fear and misery these 'Daleks' will inflict upon the Universe - but with time running out, can he prevent the birth of such evil?

The 2001 CD issue of the LP featured new and extended material, courtesy of editor and sound restorer Mark Ayres. Having found the master tapes missing from the BBC archives, Ayres was loaned fresh copies of the TV soundtracks to re-edit into their LP order, and sourced Tom Baker's narration from his own copy of the original LP.

The CD version does not include many of the smaller edits between lines, and noticeably cross-fades rather than cuts between scenes. Where the LP edit fades out during a line of dialogue in order to avoid lines or effects that directly follow it, the CD version simply waits until an appropriate moment to cut away, thereby introducing sporadic new material. Tom Baker's dialogue has also been augmented with music, sound effects or soundtrack continuing beneath each of his narrative interludes (where previously the background had been silent), including some irritating music behind the opening passage that rather spoils the atmospheric wind already present. Ayres also introduces additional dialogue from several key scenes, including the Doctor's aside to Gharman ("You've got troubles") and previously edited dialogue from the infamous "Do I have the right" sequence.

Genesis of the Daleks is presented on CD as one 60 minute episode, with no half-time cliffhanger (which presumeably Ayres felt had been a necessity of the LP and cassette format).

LP Side One Detailed Breakdown - 29'32"

LP Side Two Detailed Breakdown - 28'05"