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As well as writing songs for or about Doctor Who, many artists have chosen to call themselves after a character or race featured in the show. Several bands have enjoyed moderate success, though the majority of "Daleks" and "Cybermen" recorded one song and disappeared into the mists of obscurity, leaving no trail for us to follow. Compiling a discography of these works is particularly difficult owing to their rariety, and generally unrewarding for a Doctor Who fan as the music has nothing to do with the programme! But it's so fascinating that anyone thought "Brain of Morbius" would be a great name for their band that the list of commercial releases below - surely incomplete, yet already disconcertingly long - provides a brief glimpse into the network of artists influenced, if not inspired, by Doctor Who.

The Cybermen (UK, 1978-9)

The Cybermen EP 7" vinyl single, 1978 (Rockaway Records AERE 101) - Cybernetic Surgery / Where's The New Wave? // Hanging Around / I Can't Help It. --> Lyrics: Cybernetic Surgery

You're to Blame/It's You I Want 7" vinyl single, 1979 (Rockaway Records LUV002, engineered by Gary Lucas) --> Lyrics: You're to Blame
This British punk band released two 7" records on their own Accrington-based Rockaway label: The Cybermen EP (1978, aka Cybernetic Surgery) and the double A-side You're to Blame/It's You I Want (1979). Their songs boast intelligent lyrics, well-performed vocal harmonies and catchy riffs, but little is known about the group besides the line-up: Ian P Dixon (Bass/Vocal), Paul Milek (Drums) and Roger Entwistle (Guitar/Vocal). Because of their name, some record dealers will attempt to charge ludicrous amounts of money for these records, but they're worth hearing should you find someone selling them at an honest price!

The You're to Blame single came with a "Free Info Pack", a sheet of typed and signed A4 paper that revealed that the band had been quiet since their first release (which apparently John Peel had "loved... needless to say") owing to the "unfortunate 'borrowing" of most of their equipment"! The sheet suggested a number of Things You Can Do To Help: We assume that no-one did any of them, because the band never recorded again!

Dalek I Love You (1978-83)

Dalek I formed from the remnants of a previous four-man band in Wirral, Liverpool. Dave Balfe, Stephen Brick, Alan Gill and Keith Hartley were Radio Blank, a punk group formed in 1976 and disbanded the following year. Following the split, Gill and Balfe used a drum machine in the absence of a drummer. "That was the real turning point", reflects Blafe. "we dropped ideas of trying to copy Deaf School or being commercial and did exactly what we wanted."

The first incarnation of Dalek I Love You (whose name was a combination of two favoured suggestions, The Daleks and Darling I Love You) featured Alan Gill, Dave Balfe, Chris Teepee and Dave Hughes. The group played live for a time, supporting groups such as OMD and often appearing at Eric's, an infamous live club in Liverpool that was eventually closed by the police. In 1978 Gill and Hughes recorded a demo for Pete Fulwell, the manager of Eric's. The band line-up was to change regularly, though Gill was to emerge as the core member of each incarnation. "Basically everything that Dalek did was down to Alan Gill", Paul Collister [their manager] told TME in June 2000. "A change of mood could result in the band changing line-up or even going to sleep for a few months - years".

Phonogram heard Dalek I Love You's demo and invited them to record at Rockfield Studios for their new Back Door subsidary. Unfortunately, as Collister recalled, "Dalek were pretty much the label's plaything", and regular arguments between the band and the label resulted in only a handfull of singles and an album (from sessions intended as demos); the label shortened the band's name to Dalek I, and even tried to change the chords on songs such as Freedom Fighters.

Freedom Fighters 7" vinyl single, May 1979 (Vertigo/Phonogram DALEK 1) - Freedom Fighters (a song for people not politics) / Two Chameleons. Note the unique Vertigo/DALEK subsidiary, created specially for the band.

The World 7" vinyl single, 1979 (Vertigo/Phonogram DALEK 2) - The World / We're All Actors. Both tracks on the Freedom Fighters and The World singles were slightly extended compared to the album versions.

Dalek I Love You (Destiny) 7" vinyl single, April 1980 (Back Door DOOR 005) - Dalek I Love You (Destiny) // Happy / This is My Uniform. This was the first of the Dalek i records to be released on the Phonogram subsidiary Back Door, created by The Blitz Brothers (aka Chris Hughes (formerly of Virgin Records) and Dave Bates (A&R manager for Phonogram)). --> Lyrics: Dalek I Love You (Destiny)

Compilation Thru the Back Door American 12" vinyl LP, 1980 (Polygram/Mercury SRM-1-3849) featuring "Dalek I Love You (Destiny)", "The World" and "Freedom Fighters"

Fanzine Notes from the Underground 6 cassette (limited distribution, hand-written sleeve notes and tipex-ed case) compiled by Kevin Leyand, 1981 - featuring "Conveyor Belt" (Live at Eric's 1978) / "You Make Me Feel Like a Fly" (home demo by Alan Gill) / "Dad on Fire" (Original Mix) / "Heartbeat" (Original Mix)
Compilation releases:
  • Compilation Small Hits and Near Misses 12" vinyl LP, 1978 (Inevitable/RCA INEVLP1), featuring "Freedom Fighters (Demo)" A compilation of artists who appeared on the Inevitable label, with whom Dalek I had been expected to sign - until Phonogram snapped them up.
  • Compilation Machines 12" vinyl LP, 1980 (Virgin V2177) featuring "Dalek I Love You (Destiny)
  • Compilation To the Shores of Lake Placid 12" vinyl LP, 1982 (Zoo ZOO 4) featuring "A Suicide"

It was Collister's intervention that secured the band a new deal with Warner Brothers in 1982. "Korova pushed very hard for a commercial release, paid for good producers, and good studios, put a lot into the publicity." After a break of nearly a year, Alan Gill gathered together enough friends to write and record another single, released on 12" for the first time and Back Door for the last. The 12" format was to prove popular with the next incarnation of Dalek I Love You, both to release hidden gems and experiment with extended remixes of title tracks.

Compass Kum'pas 12" vinyl LP, red picture sleeve (promotional copies in white picture sleeve) 1980 (Back Door OPEN 1) - The World / Eight Track / Destiny (Dalek I Love You) / A Suicide / The Kiss / Trapped / Two Chameleons // Freedom Fighters / You Really Got Me / Mad / Good Times / We're All Actors / Heat / Missing 15 Minutes.

Re-issued on LP (Fontana 836 894-1), cassette (836 894) and CD (836 894-4) in 1989, with a new sleeve design by Me Co. and CD bonus tracks - Astronauts (Have Landed on the Moon) / Happy / This is My Uniform / Heartbeat

First record as Dalek I Love You: Heartbeat 7" and 12" vinyl single, 1981 (Back Door DOOR 10) - Heartbeat / Astronauts (Have Landed on the Moon) (extended versions on 12")

Reformed as a quartet, and containing many members of the original Dalek I line up, the group released a further album and several multi-format singles before splitting for good in 1983. Penny Kiley reviewed a gig at the Pyramid Club in Liverpool for Melody Maker (82.02.06) and wrote: "Dalek i have come back with a laugh. Once in the vanguard of Wirral-favoured synthesized pop (lightweight but solemn), never quite reaching the acclaim that once seemed close, they're now re-emerging with a stronger character (and more characters) and plenty of plans... On stage they're human, and not too disciplined -- the best way to be. The combination of variety and good humour made an evening of unexpected enjoyment."

Holiday in Disneyland 7" vinyl single, August 1982 (Korova KOW 25) - Holiday in Disneyland (single edit) / Masks & Licences; 12" vinyl single (KOW 25T) - Holiday in Disneyland (extended) / Masks & Licences // Heaven Was Bought for Me / Holiday in Disneyland (single edit)

Ambition 7" and 12" vinyl single, September 1983 (Korova KOW 29/KOW 29T) - Ambition / (I Am) Hot Person / Would You Still Love Me (12" only)

Dalek I Love You 12" vinyl LP, November 1983 (Korova KODE 7) - Holiday in Disneyland / Horrorscope / Health and Happiness / The Mouse That Roared / Dad On Fire / Ambition / Lust / 12 Hours of Blues / Sons of Sahara / Africa Express. Issued on CD in April 2007 (Rhino/Korova KODE 1016) with the bonus tracks Would You Still Love Me / These Walls We Build / Horrorscope (Instrumental Version) / Masks & Licenses / The Angel & The Clown / Heaven Was Bought for Me / 12 Hours of Blues (Dub) (previously unreleased)

Horrorscope 7" vinyl single, 1983 (Korova KOW 31) - Horrorscope / These Walls We Build; 12" vinyl single (KOW 31T) - Horrorscope (extended) / Heep Big Pow Pow // Horrorscope (instrumental) / The Angel and the Clown

Naïve cassette (Bopadub BOP 04) - final Dalek I Love You album, possibly not commercially available. Circa 1985.
Dave Hughes formed a band named Godot with Keith Hartley and Martin Cooper, with Collister as their manager, and continued to work with OMD, touring as their keyboard player. The Godot EP, released independantly, is very similar to Compass Kum'pas, and is advised listening for fans of Dalek I Love You's early days. In 1985 Alan formed his own Bopadub label and began releasing cassette compilations, one of which was the Dalek I Love You album Naïve. He also contributed to the compilation Liverpool: All This and Heaven Too in the 1990s, performing under the name of Dalek I Love You for the last time.
  • Compilation Liverpool: All This and Heaven Too 12" vinyl LP and CD, early 1990s (Homar HOMCD 6605) - featuring "Everything I Do", credited to Dalek I (actually an Alan Gill solo)
  • Compilation New Wave - Electronic Eighties, early 1990s (Polygram 314-520-556-2) featuring "Dalek I Love You (Destiny)"
  • Compilation Unearthed: Liverpool Cult Classics CD, July 2004 (Viper VIPER023CD) featuring "Freedom Fighters"
  • Compilation North By North West June 2006, 2CD (Korova KODE1001) and limited edition 3CD (KODE1001L) featuring "Holiday in Disneyland"

In 2007 Korova reissued the Dalek I Love You album on CD, coupled with bonus tracks from the singles and a lengthy sleevenote charting the history of the band. Around the same time, Collister set up, from which he began to issue mp3s of tracks from Naive, and promised rare live recordings and other exclusives. Watch this space!

The K9s (1979)

The K9s: The K9 Hassle
7" vinyl single, picture sleeve, 1979
Dog Breath WOOF 1

A. The K9 Hassle
B1. Ida Amin
B2. Sweeny Todd

Vocals - Rick Dellar
Guitar & Vocals - Greg Muden
Bass & Vocals - Iain "Sprogg" Aird
Drums - Kev Drain

In 1979 another light-hearted punk group issued The K9 Hassle on 7" vinyl, attempting to inspire the nation to "do it doggy style" with a repetative chorus spoken in a variety of accents. Cheery pop with dreadful production values, this is a smashing little novelty record. Apparently the first pressing numbered 1,000, with a rarer second pressing of 500 that came with a stamped sleeve.

Formed in 1977, the K9s were renowned for their gloriously chaotic live performances: they regularly used to come on stage wearing all sorts of strange costumes (policemen, nurses, ballerinas, holiday makers...) and frequently ended up playing their encores completely naked. They originally started out as Rick Rodent and the Sewer Rats back in 1976 and used to be regulars at the Bones Club in Reading until it closed. After that they only gigged sporadically until mid 1978 when they split up, reforming one year later to record this single. Although the band later recorded a further 4 tracks, intended for an EP release (titled The K9's Four Skins), their money had run out, most venues refused to let them perform and the band split once again. Further details can be found at the excellent website.

The Daleks (1980)

The Daleks: OK!
7" EP, 1980
Exterminated Products EXPS 1

1. This Life
2. Rejected
3. Man of the World

Writer & Lead Vocals - Eddie 'Bear' Turtle
Drums - Woody
Vocals - Gaz
Bass - Rol
Rhythm - Dolly
Produced by Mike and Clint Fanatic

--> Lyrics: This Life

The Daleks launched the label Exterminated Products in 1980 with their 3-track EP, 'OK!'. The record stickers were accidentally printed without the copyright smallprint, so each copy was released with a folded A5 slip of paper with the correct label design plus lyrics and photos on the reverse. This appears to have been their only commercial release, and it's pretty good, if unmemorable, punk rock angst.

The Dälex (1981)

The Dälex: Juvenile
7" vinyl single, picture sleeve, 1981
What's the Damage, John? DODGY 1

A. Juvenile
B1. Action Man
B2. Touched

This punk band's only known single is a part-sung, part-shouted punk track lamenting adulthood, with a jolly chorus. The track has since been collected on a bootleg compilation LP titled Teenage Treats Volume 8 (Xerox Records, limited to 100 copies) produced in 2000. Intended to collect together extremely rare punk tracks, this compilation is unfortunately about as difficult to find and sought-after as the original 45s!

--> Lyrics: Juvenille

Thee Cybermen (1985-1998, present)

Got a Groove 7" vinyl EP (Vendetta VEND003, 1994) - Got a Groove / Heal Myself // It's All Gone / I Hate this World

Peabrain 7" vinyl EP (Cave Records CAVE002, 1995)

Borderbeat! 12" vinyl LP (Vendetta VEND008, December 1997) - 14 track album

Strange and Cruel 12" vinyl LP (Alopecia WIGLP017, November 1997) - If You're Ever Gonna Say Goodbye / (You Say) I Want You / Root of all Evil / Snake Eyed Suzy / No It Isn't / She's Having a Baby / Back Again Tomorrow // Sinner Man/ Colonel Mustard / Down / Weston Rhyn / The Man With a Troubled Mind / Strange and Cruel / Snacking at the 'Y' Diner

Compilation Hey Mom! The Garage is on My Foot CD (Damaged Goods DAMGOOD102CD, July 1996) featuring 'Snake Eyed Susie'
  • Compilation 4 Vox Sake! 7" vinyl EP (Young Man Afraid of his Horses Y.M.A.H. 002, March 1994; EP re-issued as Vendetta VEND006 in 1996) featuring 'That Girl'
  • Compilation That's Mighty Childish 12" vinyl LP (Damaged Goods, August 1996) featuring 'Tell Me Child' (Billy Childish cover)
  • Compilation Let it all Hang Out! Volume One 12" vinyl LP (Alopecia WIGLP012, 1996) featuring 'The Girl You Left Behind'
  • Compilation Larsen CD (Free with Larsen Magazine #11) featuring 'Don't Ask My Name'

Thee Cybermen - another English garage-rock band to name themselves (we can only presume) after Doctor Who's Cybermen - formed in 1985, playing regular gigs but neglecting to release records until the mid to late 1990s, when they secured record deals with Vendetta Records in Portsmouth, Alopecia Records in Oxford and Cave Records in Italy. The band recorded a session for Mark Radcliffe on BBC Radio One in 1997, as Mark Lamaar was a fan and had played 'That Girl' (from a compilation LP) on his own show, but finally split, after many changes of band members, the following year. The band have recently played several one-off reunion gigs, footage from which has been presented at YouTube, and are talking about recording a new album.

They recorded all their singles and EPs at Toerag Studios in London, where the (much more sucessful) White Stripes would later record their albums, and their music is pretty similar to the Stripes'. A three-piece band (with guitar, bass and drums), their thrashed-out grunge instrumentals and shouted lyrics are based on simple riffs and it's clear that their sole intention is to make a lot of noise.

Brain of Morbius (1986-2001)

The history of South London punk band Brain of Morbius has never been clear - entire volumes of Doctor Who merchandise have given them only a brief mention, and until 1999 it was thought that the Brain's only single had been Kill Your Neighbours, a rare 12" vinyl single from 1986 (Bastard Haircut MORB 1T). Their most recent label, Full Strength Records, planned to change all that. Originally pencilled for release in Summer 2000 were three compilation albums, showcasing the Brain's entire back catelogue before their new album hit the shops in early 2001; interestingly, after several years of promising the CDs as "forthcoming", Full Strength seem to have closed before they had the chance.

The first of these promised CDs was a singles, B-sides and sessions collection, featuring the singles Here Comes The Brain, Kill Your Neighbours and Your Ar**, My Face - all 80s recordings, long-since out of print. The second was a re-release of the 1993 cassette-only album, Happy Dirty, which apparently sold out before the end of that summer and was to have been remastered with the bonus track, "Mad English 2". The third was a live compilation, an expanded re-release of the 90s cassette Ar** Theatre, that was to have included rare 80s bootlegs and mid-to-late 90s sessions.

A visit to the band's official website,, suggest that 2 of the CDs have since been made available by the band themselves, along with a new album. Quite how these are being sold isn't very clear - there's no ordering information on the site, and no stores seem to be stocking them. For the sake of completeness, details are reproduced below - but these might be promotional-only releases for all we know!

Pi**ing on the Disco Lights - When I'm Cleaning Windows / I'm A Busy Bee and I'm Loaded / She Brews / Gasman / Wylie's Women / Wylie's Women (reprise)

Happy Dirty cassette-only album, 1993 - The Things You Can't See / Swimming Down the Tweed / Ancient Briton / Carnivores and Talent Scouts / A Flock of Peas / I'm Alone / Take 'em out / Shi**ers / Dreaded Fore Headed / Mad English 2 (CD bonus track)

Butt Steamer in Hampton Unstable - Victor Ryan's Youth Quex / New Gut / Bernard's Oblong / Gonzalez / The Enemy's My Mate / Cock Foster / Happiest Day / Revel in Obesity / Written for the Violin / Red Giant / Punch Me! I'm in Swindon

The last known commercial offering from the band was one side of a promotional 7" from Full Strength, also including a track by fellow-punkers, Diary (Limited Edition of 300 7" Vinyl, Full Strength Records #1, 1998), a tuneless, noisy rant with surreal lyrics.

--> Lyrics: Master Plan

The Cybermen (USA, 1988-1990, 1996)

This 5 piece band, who first released material on a compilation album in 1988, released their own compilation in 1996, uniting their three singles with a Kinks cover and a brand new track. They play bright and cheerful pop music that makes reasonable background noise, but any examination of the lyrics or melodies reveals rather low standards.

The Cybermen: The Cybermen
CD, 1996
Estrus Is Go! ESD111

1. InsideOutsideUpsideDown
2. Every Night and Day
3. Losing You
4. Someday Will Come
5. She's Raining
6. Six Million Light Years Down

The Cybermen (Finland, 1989-1998)

Surreal and imaginative synthpop and rock music by this Finnish group, whose discography continues to expand. Their music could be sampled at until the site's closure in December 2003, when their own website ( was established instead. One of the best and most inventive pop acts on this page, the Finnish Cybermen are in another league to the English and American varieties.

The band originally started as a trio back in 1988 (with Patro on vocals & guitar, Pietu on bass and Vesku on drums). After a period of rehearsing and playing gigs in the Helsinki area they released two 7" records and, during the summer of 1990, became a quartet when Mika joined as on organist. The Cybermen phase one came to a halt at the end of 1992 when Pietu and Vesku decided to pack it in. The Cybermen phase two were ready for take-off by 1994 with new recruits Tapsa on bass, Rene on drums and Kaitsu on sax. With their self-build studios they released the Needle's Eye LP in Finland and Germany and recorded a guest single for British label Detour records. With a new bass player and after a lengthy break from touring, they released their final album in 1998.

Dalek Beach Party (1990-present)

Compilation Waaah EP 4-track promo 7" free with Waaah Magazine, also featuring Strawberry Story and Kind (Bring On Bull Records BULL 2-0) featuring Wee Timerous Cowering Beastie (Hoots Mon)

Exterminate! Exterminate! 12" vinyl EP, 1990 (Paul's Mum's Front Room Records PMFRR2) - Cast a Long Shadow / Lonesome Twiser // Istanbul / Ghost Train

Formed in 1990 and running to this day, Dalek Beach Party (Howard Sway - Drums, Aaron C. Rescue - Guitar and Dudley Serious - Bass) boldy side-step the demands of contemporary music to bring "4 glorious slabs of unreconstructed twang - and some nifty tunes" to your stylus. Speaking to TME in December 2000, DPB guitarist Aaron C. Rescue described the Exterminate! Exterminate! EP as "but part of our intermittent output over the past 10 years, all of which draws on such timeless icons as the MC5 and the Shadows. Our connections with Dr Who are somewhat tenuous; we chose our name for its incongruity as much as anything. However, having assumed the name, what better title for your first recording?"

The band continued to release tracks throughout the '90s, mostly on compilation vinyls and CDs offered free with Waaah Magazine. "The records and CDs were issued by them and we did several promotional gigs with bands like Screeming Custard," remembered DBP producer Vince Taylor in January 2001. "Most of the other bands were less rocky than us but we had some good times." A second EP, Rabble Rousers in Catalogue Trousers, followed shortly after Waaah's demise, and a full-length CD album, Dalek Beach Party Ride Again, was released several years ago. "We have no great political or philosophical aims (or depths)," Rescue continues, "other than to continue our sporadic recordings - with minimal regard for sophistication, subtlety and current orthodoxy."

Dr. Who (1995)

Dr. Who: Prophecy
12" Vinyl
Dance Floor Corporation DFC 256

A. Prophecy Edit '95
2. Extasia

Produced by P. Verlanzi & Dr. Who
Co-Produced by M. Sacch
Recorded at Yellow Studio
With thanks to Asia, Gloria and God

A dance record with limited availability, credited to Dr. Who. TME reviewer Steve Wilson describes it as "an electronic instrumental dance track. Quite cheesy in the way only a Euro-dance track can be (think Vonal KSZ meets Jean-Michel Jarre)." The B-side was later issued on a separate release, 'Extasia Remix', credited to Dr Who & DJ Skudero.

Dälek (1998-present)

In 1998, MC Dälek, turntable experimentalist Still and producer Oktopus unleashed their energy against mediocre, closed-minded hip-hop, but few people paid close attention. They didn't exactly make things easy for themselves by releasing their debut, Negro, Necro, Nekros, on tiny indie-rock label Gern Blandsten, but those who managed to find it were rewarded with a heady mash-up of William Burroughs samples, slinky sitars and intensely philosophical syllable practice. Mike Patton's Ipepac picked up Dälek's brilliant follow-up, From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots, exposing more potential fans to Oktopus and Still's dark and densely textured compositions and Dälek's sage meditations on language, religion and underground rap.

The artist involved was unaware of his alias' Doctor Who association until he was contacted by a curious DWM. "Round my way Doctor Who isn't the most popular thing in the world," he replied. "I didn't know anything about that sh*t til reviews started to appear and they mentioned this Doctor Who cat. I was like, 'Who the fu*k is that?' I've checked out some of this sh*t and I know the Daleks are evil robots - that's cool - but I've got to say it doesn't have anything to do with my sh*t." (DWM 280, July 1999)

Corvin Dalek (1999-present)

This German DJ had mixed several dance compilations before writing his first track, "Pounds And Penz", in 1999. Corvin regularly performs his set in various clubs around Europe, and the flatners deutsche mark remix of Pounds and Penz has been released on several compilations including 'Technoinvasion-Nonstop' (2CD Germany 1999) and 'Club System Vol 12' (CD Belgium 2000). Corvin's second writing effort, "Pornoground", was released as a white-label 12" alongside his own mix of Pounds And Penz (July 2000, CONVR0036). Corvin also regularly includes the Doctor Who theme in his set lists - as occasionally listed at the notorious DJ website.

The list of records below is what we believe to be an accurate solo discography; Corvin has also released singles and albums remixing other people's work, but those are not listed here. To be honest his music doesn't appeal to us much, so we've not exactly gone to the trouble of listening to any of these - hence details might be wonky!

Dalekanium (2000)

One established musician in Illinois, USA invented a side-project for himself in mid-2000 as Dalekanium, aiming to explore "the ambient, experimental, and jungle genres". Although his music was unrelated to Doctor Who, certain quotations from the series could be found hidden among the general narrative at his website. There were mp3 downloads of his work available at, and his collaboration with Jehova Hates Phred was released on a 73 minute CD-R album, 'Science Does Not Remove The Terror Of The Beat', in June 2000. His own CD-R album, Prototype Mark I: Genesis (pictured left), could be downloaded from the above websites but was apparently never commercially available.

Dr Who (2000)

'Armageddon' 12" single, January 2000 (BASH041). Nothing further known.

Dr Who Dat? (2006-present)

Dr Who Dat?: Beat Journey
Double 12" vinyl LP, CD, limited edition 2CD, August 2006

Beat Rock
Braziliant Thought
Pharoah's Dream Dr. Who Dat & Capital Peoples
B-Boy Portrait in Spain
March to Viberia
Stop Calling Me
On The Doelow
Deep Blaque
ASAP (Flash)
Daiya Dr. Who Dat & Capital Peoples
Kelly Drive
Ageless Daisy
Bahia Blues
Warped 45


1. Rhyme Cycle Dr. Who Dat & Cee Knowledge/Stacy Epps
2. Uprising Dr. Who Dat & Shape Of Broad Minds
3. Miles Away
4. Viberian Twilight

Dr Who Dat? - aka American Jneiro Jarel - previously worked as an MC in Houston and New York before trying his hand at music production in Philadelphia. His mixture of Bazilin, jazz, hip-hop and soul scored him some very favourable reviews when his first solo release, Beat Journey, appeared in 2006. You can meet the man himself and stay on top of future releases at He might be more versed in cult TV than he looks, but we'd wager a bet that he's the first artist to name himself after the 2005 series of Doctor Who!