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Tributes Easter Egg # 2 - Doctor Who Sheet Music

Ron Grainer: Dr. Who
Sheet Music, 1964 - present
Erie Music (currently Warner Chappell)

The Doctor Who theme was available to buy in sheet music form, for you and your family to gather around the piano in the living room and bash out that haunting refrain whether it was Saturday tea-time or not. Available throughout the programmes' run, and reprinted variously with a nice picture of Leela or the frightening mugshot of session band Mankind, the music, which was probably the basis for numerous orchestral recordings, is cheerful, bright and full of intriguing harmonies you wouldn't have heard on telly. Available in numerous TV Themes anthologies throughout the decades, the individual sheet score is currently out of print, but official copies are available directly from Chappell themselves for a mere 4.95:

Entirely charming, this upbeat version of the series' theme sounds very little like the version heard on television in 1964, but a great deal like the funky cover versions by the likes of Geoff Love and his Orchestra and Ron Grainer himself. Probably realising that a humble piano would be unable to capture the scary, haunting quality of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop arrangement, Grainer - or whoever actually sat down and wrote this score - opted instead to include melodic harmonies and jaunty bass jumps that liven up the theme into a fun solo. Probably the only acoustic interpretation of the theme until Fourplay's 1999 string quartet version, this is definately worth getting your keyboard out for.