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TME > Video

Commercial Releases
Incorporating 8mm, VHS & Betamax, Laserdisc, VCD, DVD, mobile media, UMD and downloadable versions

In 1983, BBC Enterprises tested the water of the growing homevideo market by releasing Revenge of the Cybermen to the viewing public at a cost of just 40 (equivalent to around 'just' 95 today), allowing them to watch it again and again and again...

And the world hasn't looked back since.

Click on the sections below to expand details for each format, or jump directly to the releases.

8mm film

VHS & Betamax




Mobile Media



Downloadable Versions


Note that although not mentioned in each individual page, all the American releases of the 1963-1989 series all have an exclusive extra "Who's Who" section, showcasing the biographies of the talent behind the stories.

BBC Promos

Walking with Dinosaurs (DVD)
Doctor Who DVD Range Sampler (VCD)
A Complete Episode of Doctor Who (VCD)
Rose (DVD)
Classic Series Repacked (DVD)
The Sun DVD Collection (2006) (DVD)
The Complete First Series Promo (DVD)
The Sun DVD Collection (2008) (DVD)

Universal/Studio Canal+/Warner Home Video

Peter Cushing Dalek Movies

Between them, these 3 companies own current release rights to the two Doctor Who movies released by Amicus in the mid-60s. Universal also released the TV Movie in Australia and Sweden on video in 1996, details of which can be found in the BBC DVD guide above, and WHV have the rights to the series 1963-1989 in the States.

Further DW-related releases from these companies are unlikely. The page above includes details of the Dalekmania documentary, originally released in the UK by Lumiere.

Reeltime Pictures

(Section is work-in-progress. Info to be added shortly.)

Myth Makers

VHS reissues, in order of DVD release:
Mindgame Trilogy
Who's Who / Then and Now [see 'other releases']
An Englishman on Gallifrey / The Home Whovian
My Doctor Who Diary / ReUNITed
The Panopticon Tapes (3 discs)
Longleat 83 (Special Edition)
The Megeve Experiment / Doctor at Sea
Where on Earth is... Katy Manning? / Katy Manning's World Down Under
Lust in Space
K.9 Unleashed!

Not yet released on DVD: War Time, Just Who on Earth is Tom Baker, Return to Devil's End, Downtime, Shakedown, I Was a Doctor Who Monster

New releases, 2003 onwards, direct to DVD:
Patrick Troughton in America (also released on VHS)
Daemos Rising
The Doctor Down Under

Reeltime Pictures produces professional, but unlicensed documentaries, and some dramas, aimed at the Doctor Who market. They have recently been reissuing their back-catalogue on DVD (often 2-per disc), and all recent releases have been DVD-only. The DVDs are PAL-encoded but region free.


The Stranger (6 releases, 1991-1995) - still in progress
PROBE (4 releases, 1993-1996)
The Airzone Solution? (1993)
The Doctors: 30 Years Of Time Travel And Beyond (1995)
Bidding Adieu (1996)
Auton (3 releases, 1997-1999)
Cyberon (2000)
Do You Have a License to Save This Planet? (2001)
Zygon (2007)

BBV produces professional, but unlicensed dramas, and some documentaries, aimed at the Doctor Who market. They are slowly but surely reissuing their back catalogue on DVD. With the exception of The Doctors and The Airzone Solution, these are all double-sided region-free discs, with PAL on one side and NTSC on the other.


2005: Doctor Loo and the Phaleks
2005: Abducted by Daleks
2006/7: Doctor Screw

In 2005, two straight-to-DVD porn films were released by different companies. They are detailed here - please note that while we have made every effort to avoid details that might offend sensitive eyes, these are pornographic productions and as such a certain amount of this is unavoidable. You have been warned...

A year later, The Adult Channel in the UK screened a spoof series entitled Doctor Screw, which is currently being released across a series of discs.

Other Spinoff videos and DVDs

We have set up this single page to detail videos produced by companies that only have a small range of Doctor Who related releases. These releases are all aimed at the Doctor Who fan market, but are not officially licensed by the BBC. Click here.

Includes information on:
Scorpio International
New Jersey Network Productions
Dominitemporal Services Ltd
Archangel Media
JN-TV Productions
The Sci-Fi Sea Cruise
Big Finish Productions
Tenth Planet
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